DBGT Episode 45 - Piccolo's Best Bet

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[edit] Episode 45 - Piccolo's Best Bet

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Japanese Name: Hurry, Goku!! The Plan to Escape From Hell

In Hell, Piccolo talks to Dende who is up on the Lookout. He tells Dende to resonate his force towards his, remembering that the hole that opened Hell was caused by the two 17's resonating their energy. Piccolo's plan seems to take a long time to be successful. Back on Earth, everyone is still trying to deal with Super 17 without much luck.

Finally, with some help from Goku, Piccolo's plan works and they manage to open a hole from Hell. Goku jumps through, Piccolo is unable to follow because he has to hold open the hole. As Goku leaves, the hole disappears.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is being beaten by Super 17, and is told to kill him. At that moment, Pan and Giru gang up on Dr Gero and order Super 17 to stop and not kill Vegeta. Super 17 does, but turns on Gero, Dr Myu reveals that Super 17 is only programmed to obey him, not Gero. As the blast hits, Pan and Giru try to escape, but get caught in it too, with Gero being completely destroyed. As Super 17 is about to turn on Vegeta, he overhears them saying there's nothing to worry about as Goku is in Hell. Vegeta becomes fired up by this, saying he is just as worthy to protect the Earth. Super 17 attacks again, but this time, Goku arrives and knocks Vegeta out of the way. As Vegeta passes out, Goku takes on Super 17.

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