DBGT Episode 44 - 17 Times 2

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[edit] Episode 44 - 17 Times 2

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Japanese Name: The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite

Down in the city, Android 17 asks 18 to rejoin him, but she rejects, not understanding why 17 would want to work for Gero again as they both hated him. Just as 17 seems to be coming to his senses the 17 from Hell communicates with him again and tells him to hurry up. At that moment 17 kills Krillin, 18 lashes out at 17 for what he has done. 17 is quite unharmed and realises 18 has no intention of joining him, he threatens Maron's life so 18 is forced to intervene again to let her escape. 18 is badly hurt and passes out, leaving 17 to head off again in search of the 17 from Hell.

Speaking of Hell, Goku manages to escape the block of ice he was imprisoned within and uses the ice machine on both Frieza and Cell. With the two trapped as blocks of ice, Goku's pleased he doesn't have to deal with them, but in the process accidentally breaks them both.

On Earth, Gohan is still fighting with Rilldo, until Ubuu, Goten and Trunks catch up with him to help, managing to fend him off. Pan, Mr Satan and Giru soon find them too, and Giru cures Gohan's arm just like he cured Goku, Trunks and Pan a long time ago.

Elsewhere, Vegeta is still fighting against Android 17 when the other Android 17 arrives. Vegeta can't understand how there are two of them, and at that moment, Gohan and everyone else arrive to help. But before they can do anything the 2 Android 17's combine into one, creating Super 17. In this new form he is much stronger and even the combined efforts of Ubuu, and Super Saiyan Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks isn't enough to do any damage. Super 17 unleashs a devastating Thunder Attack on all of them as Goku watches from Hell, impressed by how strong they all are. He asks Enma to hurry up and let him out of Hell, but Enma says it's not possible. Just then, Piccolo talks to them from Heaven, saying he should let him go down to Goku in Hell, that he has an idea. Again, Enma says it's not possible because his docuements say he should be in Heaven. So, Piccolo destroys the landscape around him in an effort to get sent to Hell. His plan works, even if he has a little regret for causing such destruction and he is sent down to Hell.

Back on Earth, as they recover from the attack from Super 17, Vegeta uses his new Final Shine Attack, as powerful as it is, it still does nothing against Super 17. As Goku watches, he begins to get worried, it's then that Piccolo arrives behind him and tells him he has an idea to get Goku out of Hell.

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