DBGT Episode 42 - A Dangerous Union

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[edit] Episode 42 - A Dangerous Union

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Japanese Name: Die, Goku!! The Revived Strong Enemies Escape From Hell

Down in Hell Dr Myu is walking around when he runs into Dr Gero, who demands he help with his research. Initially, Myu rejects but once Gero mentions Goku he is happy to join forces.

Back in the living, ChiChi is serving up dinner for hers and Bulma's family. Trunks arrives late, and injured and outside they see the sky is darkening and panic is setting in all over.

Hell is a mess, with an Android 17 in Hell built by Dr Myu and Dr Gero resonating his energy into the Android 17 on Earth. They have the ultimate plan of combining the two Androids and killing Goku.

On Earth, everyone questions Trunks as to what happened to him. He explains that when he was on his way over to Goku's house, Android 17 jumped infront of their car and attacked him and the driver. He recognised his face as being similar to Android 18's, and tells that the hole in the sky leads to Hell, and all those killed by Goku will be revived to get their revenge. On the TV they see all their past enemies and Goku resolves to go to Hell to find Cell and Frieza. Elsewhere Goten is dealing with some of the past enemies in the city and is later joined by Trunks.

Goku has finally made it into Hell and is confronted by Dr Myu and Dr Gero, but they don't stick around for long. Goku chases after them but can't follow as they close up the hole to Hell as they go through to Earth with their 17 clone. Just as Goku is cursing about it, Frieza and Perfect Cell appear to challege him.

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