DBGT Episode 41 - Curtain Call

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[edit] Episode 41 - Curtain Call

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Japanese Name: The Number One Under The Sun Tournament. Who Will Be Satan's Successor?

Life is carrying on much like it used to and it's time for another Tenkaichi Budokai. Goku has decided to enter, although he gets put into the youth division. Krillin and some of the others question why Goku has decided to enter the youth division and he says he is just slightly too short to class as an adult, although they are sure Mr Satan is lieing so that he won't have to fight Goku should he reach the final. Pan is in the adult class though, and progressing easily, as is Uub who is disguised.

Mr Satan, depressed over losing Majin Buu decides to retire from fighting and suggests Pan will probably take over after him. After hearing this, Pan quits the tournament. During Goku's match, Vegeta interupts and demands to fight him instead, while Goku and Vegeta are talking, Goku's opponent gets scared and tries to run away, crashing into Goku and eventually knocking him out of bounds. It's time for the final match, and it ends up as Mr Satan against Uub, who has come out of his costume now. Uub doesn't go easy at all, expecting Mr Satan to be the best, just as he is about to punch him again, Buu tells Uub he shouldn't beat him, that everyone would be sad if Mr Satan lost. Mr Satan is able to win thanks to Buu.

On their way out, Vegeta demands his fight with Goku again and just as they get fired up, Goku stomaches rumbles, he remembers how hungry he is.

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