DBGT Episode 39 - Baby Put To Rest

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[edit] Episode 39 - Baby Put To Rest

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Japanese Name: The Finale! At Last, Bebi Is Annihilated

Goku and Baby's fight continues and intensifies as Gohan, Goten and the others watch from a safe distance, as well as the Old Kai and Kaioshin from the Kai Realm. They decide to use the Holy Water on all the people on Planet Plant to return them to normal.

Once again, Baby uses a Gallic-Ho on Goku, but this time Goku easily dodges it. Despite this, Baby continues his attacks, but even a 10 times strength Revenge Death Ball isn't enough to stop him. Using the energy he got from Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Pan he manages to escape the ball of ki unharmed. It's now that Goku uses his 10 times Kamehameha on Baby and it hits his target, sending him flying into the ground. Gohan and the others look to where he landed, knowing he isn't dead yet, but he at the very least looks unconscious. But they know if they kill him, Vegeta will die too, Goku fires a blast but aims for the tail, cutting it off and forcing him to change back. Baby is forced to leave Vegeta's body as he cannot survive the change back and escapes. Goku and the others check on Vegeta as they see Baby make his escape in one of Bulma's spaceships. As he comes into view, Goku fires another Kamehameha straight at the spaceship, sending it straight into the Sun.

The group head back to the Lookout and release the Sacred Water over Earth to return everyone to normal. But before they can celebrate they realise the Black Star Dragon Balls are missing, and that when they were under Baby's control they gave them over, and that Earth only has 2 weeks left until it will explode.

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