DBGT Episode 34 - Back in the Game

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[edit] Episode 34 - Back in the Game

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Japanese Name: The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Son Goku's Rampage!

In his Oozaru form, Goku goes into a mad rage, trashing the landscape. Baby remembers how the Saiyans transformed into giant apes on the original Planet Plant and defeated them. Not wanting a repeat to happen again, Baby attempts to attack Goku directly without much luck of landing any hits. Far off the in distance, Pan and Mr Satan are chasing after a strong ki which Pan is sure belongs to Goku.

Baby is enraged that he has been injured by Goku and attacks him again, but still without making much of an impact. Goku continues on his path of destruction, even attacking the humans stuck on the planet. Old Kai worried that even though they activated Goku's secret power, that he is still not in control of it, knowing he needs to be in control of the form to be able to transform into a Super Saiyan 4.

Goku begins to calm down once he sees the Earth in the sky, but elsewhere Baby has reasoned that since Goku has the ability to transform into an ape, that since he took over Vegeta's body, he should be able too as well. Pan catches up to Goku and tries to reason with him, but knocks her aside. She tries again, this time showing him her old martial arts uniform but it doesn't work, but as she is knocked away again Goku sees an old photo of everyone at the beach from years ago that Pan had. This seems to bring Goku around, finally, and he powers up again, this time taking control of the form and transforming again...

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