DBGT Episode 33 - The Tail's Tale

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[edit] Episode 33 - The Tail's Tale

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Japanese Name: Take This, Bebi! New Uubu's Killing Light Ray!!

Goku is still having is tail pulled out whilst Uub faces Baby back on Planet Plant. Uub powers up to his full power and attacks Baby who can't understand how he gained this strength.

Finally on Kai's planet, Goku's tail is back to it's full length!

Back on Planet Plant, Uub's own attack backfires on him and he turns himself into Chocolate, rather than Baby, just as Goku and Kaibito arrive. Baby realises Goku is there just as he eats Uub, suprised to see him alive. Goku powers up to his full strength, up to Super Saiyan 3 and attacks Baby again. Baby remains unimpressed by Goku and has little trouble with holding back his attacks. Goku can't understand what is wrong and why he hasn't gotten any stronger, as Baby goes on the offensive. Goku falls back out of Super Saiyan and wonders what he should do, feeling at a loss that he can't protect Earth this time. His tail begins to twitch and his heart beats hard and he begins to transform into the giant golden Oozaru ape form from staring at the Earth.

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