DBGT Episode 32 - The Return of Uub

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[edit] Episode 32 - The Return of Uub

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Japanese Name: Goku Is Back!! The Enraged Fighter Oob

Uub explains to Pan that once he sensed a strange energy he hid himself in the mountains and trained incase his strength was needed. After hearing that Baby has killed Goku, Uub flies off to attack him, leaving Pan and Mr Satan to deal with Videl and Gohan. Uub takes Baby head on, with Gohan, Goten and Trunks interveening part way. Baby is infuritated by their meddleing and blasts the three of them, determining them as useless.

Goku pleads with Old Kai to let him go, and this time Old Kai agrees, saying there is one thing they can do - pull out Goku's tail. The shapeshifters make themselves useful and turn into a pair of pliers.

Back on Earth, Uub is still dealing with Baby without making much progress. Baby is just simply more powerful than Uub, and eventually is able to knock him down. Mr Satan, Pan and Majin Buu are nearby and in her rage, Pan attacks with Baby. Of course, her attack does nothing to Baby only get her hurt. Mr Satan suggests to Majin Buu that they leave now, and he takes the two of them away from where Baby and Uub are fighting. Once they are at a safe distance, Buu tells Mr Satan he was always his friend and heads back to Uub and Baby. Just as Baby is about to kill Uub, Majin Buu saves him, unknown to Baby. As the dust clears, Baby assumes that Uub is dead and heads off. Uub is still alive and Majin Buu calls out to him, after seeing his face Uub feels that he knows Buu. Buu explains how they were once the same being, and reunites his power with Uub's so they can be one again, making him stronger.

Back on Kai's Planet, Goku is still having his tail pulled out.

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