DBGT Episode 31 - Collapse From Within

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[edit] Episode 31 - Collapse From Within

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Japanese Name: What A Surprise!? Suguro-space Caves In

Goku is still stuck in Suguru's game and losing, as the game goes on, Goku realises the dice is alive and is a shape shifting creature, as is Suguru. Goku realises that Suguru has been cheating the whole time and the game falls apart as it realises the two creatures have been cheating. They explain to Goku that they had been stuck down there and could only escape if they won the game 540,000 times, hence their cheating. As the game falls apart, Goku is able to use his Ki again, and is able to save him and the two creatures by blasting a hole in the space with a Kamehameha. As they blast out, it's up to Kaibito to save Goku again, and he brings them all back to the Kai's Realm.

Back on Earth, the humans are all lining up to get on the spaceship to leave, Pan, Mr Satan and Majin Buu reach the Capsule Corp to see what is going on. Goku and the others watch from the Kai Realm, naturally Goku is eager to leave and go back to Earth but the old Kai refuses to let him and insists he trains here.

Meanwhile, Majin Buu disguises himself with a younger face, having hidden Pan and Mr Satan inside him, in order to get on the ship.

Goku's training begins, although he is not convinced, thinking that Old Kai is just having him do chores. He carries on whilst Pan and Mr Satan, now on the new planet, leave Majin Buu's body. Pan has a plan to give everyone laxatives to get rid of the egg Baby planted inside them, but the crowd are hostile to her. Before she can get very far, Videl attacks Pan to stop her, with Gohan joining her having the intention to have Baby lay an egg in her too. Goku sees all that is going on back on Earth, but Old Kai still insists he stay here, despite the danger Pan is in. But just as Gohan is about to kill Pan, Uub steps in to save her.

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