DBGT Episode 30 - The Game After Life

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[edit] Episode 30 - The Game After Life

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Japanese Name: Goku Bites The Dust!? I'm Dead.

Far off where Majin Buu has taken Pan and Mr Satan to saftey, Pan is mourning over Goku's death. Whilst elsewhere, Dende presents the Black Star Dragon Balls to Baby, celebrating his revenge on the Saiyans and obtaining the strongest Saiyan body. Baby calls forth Shenlong and wishes for a planet to be re-made exactly how Planet Plant was and the wish is granted, making this the second planet under Baby's rule. Pan sulks that her hard effort collecting the Dragon Balls was a waste as now they are in the same situation as before.

Somewhere else, Goku wakes up, wondering if he is dead. There is someone waiting there called Suguru, telling Goku he's not dead, but he has the chance to return to life. He presents a game to Goku, if Goku can win he will return to life, if he loses he will die, so Goku agrees. Suguru reminds Goku he can't fly or use ki here, or else it would be cheating, and the game begins by rolling dice. It seems that Suguru is having much more luck with the game than Goku.

Elesewhere in the Kai Realm, Kaibito Shin come to talk to the Old Kai about Goku, telling him that he tried to save Goku from Baby's blast. But the blast distrubed space and Goku was dropped into Suguru's Space. Old Kai comments there is nothing he can do about that.

Goku meanwhile is still playing the game with Suguru and is forced to answer riddles, whilst outside Baby is gathering together all the humans to head to the newly formed Planet Plant on a ship built by Bulma. Goku doesn't seem very good at them, and keeps giving his friend's names as answers. The game continues and Goku is forced to play other mini-games, though no matter how much he plays, he never seems to get ahead of Suguru.

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