DBGT Episode 28 - A Worldwide Problem

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[edit] Episode 28 - A Worldwide Problem

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Japanese Name: Goku Returns.. All of Earth Is My Enemy?

Goku, Trunks, Pan and Giru are almost home, being able to see Planet Earth out of the Spaceship window. They land back on the Lookout where Dende and Pop are waiting. Pan hands over the Dragon Balls to Dende so they can be sealed away. They realises they cannot make the wish to return Goku back to his correct age because it would mean the Dragon Balls would spread across the Universe once again, and the Earth would be at risk. As Goku, Trunks and Pan all head back to their homes it becomes apparent that Baby is in control of Dende and Popo.

Meanwhile in Satan City, Mr Satan has had himself absorbed by Majin Buu in an attempt to avoid being put under Baby's control. Realising that Goku has returned, Majin Buu and Mr Satan head to meet him. Majin Buu tells Mr Satan the egg that was laid inside him he wrapped up because it didn't taste good, so it won't hatch inside him. Mr Satan leaves Majin Buu's body and the two of them head after Goku.

Elsewhere Goku and Pan arrive back home to find ChiChi and Videl. But the two of them are cold to them and ignore them.

As Trunks arrives home, Giru complains that he senses danger, but Trunks mis-interprets it as he senseing Vegeta's strength. Vegeta, and shortly after Bulma, meet Trunks and act coldly towards him also. Baby reveals his control over Vegeta and attacks him and Giru. Baby tells Trunks about the egg he laid in his body all that time ago and assumes his control.

Back at Goku's house, they are refusing to let Goku and Pan eat the food they have prepared. Goten and Gohan also arrive corner them. Goku can't understand what is going on as Goten and Gohan power up to Super Saiyan and attack the two of them. Pan is left unconscious as Goku faces Gohan and Goten. Just as Goku is about to fire a Kamehameha at them, Mr Satan and Majin Buu arrive and quickly explain what has happened, that Baby is in control of everyone on Earth. Just then, Baby Vegeta shows up, Goku is shocked that even Vegeta is under Baby's control too.

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