DBGT Episode 27 - The Attack on Vegeta

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[edit] Episode 27 - The Attack on Vegeta

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Japanese Name: The Scheme Completed!? Vegeta is Taken Over

Vegeta and Bura are driving home from shopping in the city. A car pulls upbeside them which Vegeta rams into the side of for commenting that Bura should come drive with them rather than that 'old man' and drives them off the road.

Back at the Capsule Corp, Gohan and Goten have returned, Bulma, ChiChi and Videl are tending to Goten as he is suffering from a fever. Gohan is concentrating and picks up Vegeta's ki signal and leaves, despite everyone's protests.

Elsewhere in space, they have picked up the signal for the last Dragon Ball and are heading there.

Back in town it is getting dark and Vegeta and Bura are still heading home, when Gohan catches up to them. He immediately attacks them, although Vegeta is quick enough to dodge the blast and save Bura from harm. Bura is angry for Gohan destroying their things, but Vegeta tells Bura to head home which she eventually agrees to. Vegeta realises that this is not Gohan and recognises the ki as belonging to a Tsfurujin.

Back at the Capsule Corp, Goten has woken up and is confused as to why he is back there. He makes his excuses and leaves as he is still under the control of Baby. ChiChi is destraught as both his sons seem to be turning into delinquents.

Gohan and Vegeta trade blows as their fight rages on. Goten arrives claiming to help, although Vegeta refuses his help. Just as he is about to leave he attacks Vegeta's unguarded back, causing a scratch on his cheek. Vegeta is now forced to deal with the two of them. Becoming trapped in their ki, Vegeta raises his power to escape, at that moment Baby overtakes Vegeta's body. As Vegeta realises what has happened, Baby tells him of how the Saiyans came to the Tsufuru-jin planet and conquered it, killing all of them. He explains that he is inside Vegeta's body but has left eggs within the bodies of Goten and Gohan so that they remain under his control. Despite Vegeta's attempts to resist the control, Baby assumes full control of Vegeta's body.

In space, Goku, Trunks and Pan have arrived on the planet they were headed too, an icey planet. It doesn't take them long to find the very last Dragon Ball, and the group fly off back to Earth.

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