DBGT Episode 25 - Baby's Arrival

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[edit] Episode 25 - Baby's Arrival

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Japanese Name: Oh no!! Bebi Has Appeared on Earth

Back on Earth, Vegeta is shaving off his god-awful moustache. Elsewhere ChiChi and Goten have come to visit Bulma, although Goten heads off to meet his new girlfriend. Bulma and ChiChi are laughing at Vegeta, because the reason he shaved it off was because Bulla told him he looked stupid. They then wonder how Goku, Trunks and Pan are doing off in space.

Elsewhere, Goku and the others are collecting another Dragon Ball they need, meaning they have 2 left to find.

Back on Earth, Goten is on his date with Pares. But in the city, a man is causing trouble, demanding to know where the Saiyans live and destroying the buildings he comes across. Before long, Mr Satan shows up in the city, outraged that someone is causing trouble in his city. After making a less than perfect enterance, Mr Satan challenges the man, but obviously doesn't get far. Luckily for him though, Goten happens to walk past and takes over with some pursuasion from Mr Satan and the fact that the man was going to attack Pares. After checking Pares is okay, she tells him that he was asking about Saiyans, which obviously troubles Goten. Out of the blue, more people from the crowd attack Goten, he easily deals with them and the police show up to deal with it. But before Goten and Pares can leave, he is attacked again, this time Baby reveals himself, noticing that Goten must be a Saiyan. Baby's appearance has greatly changed, and he tells Goten his plan to take over his body and use it to fight Goku.

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