DBGT Episode 24 - Discovering the Truth

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[edit] Episode 24 - Discovering the Truth

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Japanese Name: Bebi's Counterattack!! Target the Saiya-jin!!

Goku rescues the boy and one of the doctors who were stuck inside the room that was destroyed. But unknown to them, Baby has infected and taken over control of the boy they saved. Later on they relax outside, the boy even goes to see Pan, but before he can do anything, Goku and Trunks catch up with him, telling him he should be back in bed. As the doctor takes him away, Baby leaves the boy and infects the doctor instead.

Meanwhile, Goku is fussing over being hungry, but refusing to go anywhere near the hospital because he fears getting a shot. The doctor manages to pursuade Goku to come inside, and whilst Goku eats, the doctor offers Trunks a chance to see their technology. With Trunks seperated from the others, the doctor attacks Trunks, and Baby reveals that he is still alive. As Baby is about to infect Trunks, Goku attacks, having followed them - Goku sensed Baby's energy earlier. Goku, Trunks and Pan take on Baby, but before they can destroy him, Baby fights back and manages to infect Trunks. Trunks, under Baby's control, attacks Goku and Pan, much to Baby's suprise Trunks resists and is able to force Baby out. Baby makes his escape, realising that Saiyans are more powerful then he had expected. He escapes to the airport and overtakes one of the passengers, managing to escape unnoticed by Goku, Trunks and Pan. With nothing left that they can do, the four of them decide to head off, trying to find the last 3 Dragon Balls.

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