DBGT Episode 19 - A General Uprising

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[edit] Episode 19 - A General Uprising

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Japanese Name: Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Rirudo

Goku arrives back at the spaceship and meets with Trunks and Pan. It's then that General Rilldo shows up, Goku senses that he's even stronger than Majin Buu. Pan lashes out at Rilldo in retaliation against him ordering Giru to betray them and suprisingly she lands the punch, knocking him down, much to Goku and Trunks' suprise. Rilldo doesn't seem so bothered by this and tells them about Dr Myuu and his dream for conquering the galaxy. As Rilldo lashes back at Pan, Trunks knocks her out of the way of the blast and is caught in it himself, changing him to metal and teleporting him away to Dr Myuu.

Pan heads off after Trunks, leaving Goku to face Rilldo himself. In the battle their own spaceship is turned to metal. The battle rages between Goku and Rilldo while Pan infiltrates the building Trunks was sent to, arriving just as Trunks is transported further on. The room destablises and Pan finds herself outside the building once again.

The Sigma Force, or rather, a replicant of them, catch Goku and hold him at bay. But this does little to stop Goku, transforming into a Super Saiyan and destroying them with ease. Goku tells Rilldo to stop playing around and show his true power as well, to which Rilldo agrees, fusing himself with scattered metal parts of the destroyed Sigma Force.

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