DBGT Episode 18 - Unexpected Power

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[edit] Episode 18 - Unexpected Power

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Japanese Name: Yo, Some Data is Missing!! Son Goku's Ultimate True Determination

Pan is injured by the Sigma Force, so Goku takes over the fight, leaving Trunks to look after Pan and take her back to their spaceship. Goku then battles with the remaining Sigma Force alone. Goku has trouble making much damage at all due to the robots being programed with his battle data. They tell Goku that Giru gave them such data. They continue to fight.

Meanwhile, Trunks makes it back to the spaceship with Pan and discover that Giru must have lead the robots there and taken their Dragon Balls.

Elsewhere the three remaining Sigma Force Robots combine into one giant robot and carry on their battle with Goku. Towards the end, Goku reveals he has been holding back his strength so that he can learn just how the Sigma robot fights and deduce a weakness, destroying the robot with a single Kamehameha. Goku, Trunks and Pan all sense an approaching energy - the energy of General Rilldo.

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