DBGT Episode 17 - Pan's Gambit

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[edit] Episode 17 - Pan's Gambit

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Japanese Name: Waiting for Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Son Goku!!

Goku and Trunks find themselves prisoner to General Rilldo, knocked out from some sleeping gas. Rilldo orders that they are taken to be tested. Meanwhile outside, Pan is trying to get inside the building to rescue Trunks and Goku. She manages to make it inside but the place is crawling with robots. She stumbles across the robot production line filed with spare parts so disguises herself as a robot so she can walk around the building undetected.

General Rilldo gives an audience with a bunch of robots, which Pan manages to hide in. Rilldo praises Giru for getting them three Dragon Balls as well as leading to the capture of two Saiyans.

Elsewhere the robots are experimenting on Trunks and Goku to discover how powerful they are. Naturally they are suprised to find just how much power Goku has. General Rilldo becomes quite worried by this, but agrees to keep to Dr Myuu's orders of keeping them alive. Giru provides them with all the data he has stored on Goku, Trunks and Pan, in particular their fighting capabilities, the data is then loaded into the Sigma Force's memory banks.

Unfortunetly Pan runs into trouble and is considered to be a defective robot and tossed into a storage dump for other defective robots. A robot there explains how Dr Myuu destroyed all the life on the planet and replaced them with perfect robots. The robot then goes on to tell Pan where Goku and Trunks will be stored, and they escape from the storage room just before they are about to be crushed. Pan heads to where Goku and Trunks are, but is stopped by one of the Sigma Force's robots, he explains that Giru has betrayed them further by giving them her battle style. Pan becomes greatly saddened and angered by Giru's betrayl and unleashes her power, destroying the robot.

Meanwhile, Goku wakes up from the sleeping gas, and Pan breaks into the lab.

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