DBGT Episode 16 - A Grand Problem

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[edit] Episode 16 - A Grand Problem

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Japanese Name: Machine Planet M2... Gill the Backstabber!?

Giru betrays Goku, Trunks and Pan, leaving Goku and Trunks to be kidnapped by robots. Goku and Pan remember everything that lead up to this situation, such as Pilaf accidentally wishing Goku back into a child, and Pan's regret of going along with them on their mission to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls, as well as meeting Giru.

General Rilldo and Dr Ryuu meet regarding the arrival of the three Saiyans and insists they are brought to him alive.

The events leading up to Goku and Trunks' capture, in that Giru leads them to his home planet, leading them into the trap they have caught themselves in. The group are surrounded by a bunch of powerful robots, intend on taking the Dragon Balls and taking them prisoner. Goku and Trunks save Pan from being captured as she rushes to defend Giru, but the process are taken away, leaving Pan by herself.

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