Curse of the Blood Rubies

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[edit] Curse of the Blood Rubies

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Japanese Name: The Legend of Shenlong

A once peaceful King of a village has ordered the destruction of all the farms in order to find Blood Rubies which are buried under the ground. The villagers can do little to stop the heavily armed army employeed by the King. Back at the Palace the King has now been given a fifth Dragon Ball, he intends to wish for his hunger to end, a hunger he has had ever since he found the Blood Rubies.

Far away from the village, Goku heads out to catch some food for the day, catching himself a large fish. Just as he heads home Goku sees a plane fly overhead and heading for his house, little does he know that the plane belongs to part of the King's army and are after his Dragon Ball. Before he can do anything, Bulma accidentally runs over Goku with her bike. After Bulma explains that she is human and not after his fish, she and Goku head back to Goku's house as she thinks someone is after Goku's Dragon Ball. They arrive at Goku's house but the Dragon Ball is gone, only a coin is left in its place. The two of them head off in one of Bulma's helicopters and chase after the thieves who took Goku's Dragon Ball. They manage to catch up to them but their helicopter is shot down shortly after and they get away.

Goku and Bulma don't give up and decide to travel by land, night falls and they decide to call it a day. USing her Capsules, Bulma makes a house for the two of them to stay in overnight. Later on they decide to head out for some food when they run into a girl being chased by a monster. Goku challenges the monster who transforms into a giant robot, the robot decides to test Goku by having him chop down a tree with his barehands, but much to his suprise Goku does it with ease. Realising he is out of his depth, the robot transforms into a bat and tries to fly away, but Goku gives chase. He manages to knock the bat down and he falls into his true form; a pig named Oolong. The two of them seem to have run to the outside of a base, owned by a notorius bandit named Yamcha, and his cat, Puar who can also shapeshift like Oolong. Yamcha fights with Goku, but the fight is interupted once Bulma shows up and Yamcha runs off, apparently he has a problem around women.

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Bulma and Goku take Oolong back to their house, along with the girl, Penny, they saved from Oolong. Apparently the girl is trying to find Master Roshi who she believes can save her village from the people trying to dig up the Blood Rubies. Penny tells that the Blood Rubies are cursed and changed the King into a greedy and cruel person, and that he is also after the Dragon Balls. Outside, Yamcha and Puar are eavesdropping on their conversation, Yamcha then plans to get the Dragon Balls for himself so he can wish for his shyness around women to disappear.

The group set off and eventually arrive at Master Roshi's island. However, Master Roshi seems to believe they are here to kill him and steal his shell, but Penny explains the real reason they are here. Yamcha is hanging around, apparently he is the one who tricked Master Roshi. As he can't be sure who is telling the truth, Master Roshi calls the Flying Nimbus which can only be ridden by those who are pure in heart. Goku tries it and is the only one able to stand on it, so Master Roshi realises Yamcha was lieing who makes a swift getaway. Bulma then notices that Master Roshi has a Dragon Ball and asks for it, but just then the King's army attacks the island and steal one of Bulma's two Dragon Balls. Master Roshi is enraged by the damage down to his house so attacks the submarine the army used with a Kamehameha, destroying it in the process. Goku tries out the Kamehameha and is able to fire one too, seeing that Goku learned the Kamehameha so fast he tells Penny that he and Bulma should be enough to save her village.

The King's army tells the King that the final Dragon Ball will arrive soon. Not too far away, Bulma, Goku, Oolong and Penny are heading towards the castle in a sky-car and on Nimbus. The army see their arrival and attack as they get close. Yamcha is also nearby with Puar, trying to make his own way into the castle, Bulma, Goku, Oolong and Penny manage to run into Yamcha and Puar in the castle and they team up given that both groups are being chased by the army. They eventually make it to the King who has transformed into a giant monster, Bulma soon realises that the monster has eaten the other six Dragon Balls, so makes him eat the last seven. With all the Dragon Balls together, Shenlong appears in the sky, destroying the king and most of the castle in the process. Penny makes a wish for the land to become peaceful and beautiful again, to grant this Shenlong removes all the Blood Rubies from the soil and then disappears. The King seems to have returned to normal and Goku takes off on the flying Nimbus in search of his Dragon Ball.

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