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[edit] Character Description

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Cooler is a fictional character from the Dragonball Z series in movies five and six.

[edit] Plot Involvement


Cooler is first introduced in Dragonball Z movie 5, where he is portrayed as Frieza's older brother, looking to avenge Frieza's defeat at the hands of Goku. He also appears in movie 6, but not in Akira Toriyama's original manga, making him a non canon character. At the start of the 5th film, we first see a flashback where Cooler and his henchmen, called the "Cooler Armored Squadron" pass by Frieza, who is in the process of wiping out the Saiyan race and Planet Vegeta. Cooler expresses his disgust at Frieza's actions, and leaves the scene.

Years later, Cooler receives the message that his younger brother has been defeated at the hands of a Saiyan. Cooler, at first he laughs at this statement, proclaiming it as "impossible". Despite this however, Cooler swears revenge and sets out to find the Saiyan, we know to be Goku. Eventually, Goku and Cooler come face to face. Cooler challenges Goku to show him the power he used to defeat Frieza, upon which Goku charges at Cooler, and surprisingly, gains the advantage. Cooler however, then reveals that he found another transformation, and in this form, completely dominates the fight. After taking a beating, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, and after narrowly countering a huge Death Ball, Cooler is shot in the sun, where he seemingly burns alive.

In movie 6, Goku is requested to travel to new planet Namek by the new guardian of the Earth, Dende. A mysterious object out of space, the Big Ghetti Star holds Namek in its grip, and the planet's population is being kidnapped, presumably for the purpose of having their energy transferred to the star. Upon their arrival, Goku and his friends encounter a metallic version of Cooler, who revealed that after his previous defeat, his shattered remains came in contact, and fused with the Big Ghetti Star. The star had attached itself to planet Namek, draining its energy for the purpose of creating an army of Meta Coolers. The original Cooler, still severely damaged, functions as the brain of the Big Ghetti Star. Goku fights one of the Meta Cooler incarnations, and even as a Super Saiyan, is helpless against it, mainly due to its metal reinforced embodiment. As Goku is about to be killed, Vegeta arrives to save his life, but even the two combined are hardly a match. After they finally manage to defeat the Cooler incarnation with their ultimate efforts, hundreds more descend down a hill, and Goku and Vegeta are captured and attached to the Big Ghetti Star. They are thereafter being confronted with the original Cooler, who reveals that he wants to drain their energy to create even more clones. Goku and Vegeta however, use their reserve energy supplies to break out, overload the star with energy, causing it to explode. Cooler again fights Goku, but is defeated once more, marking his end.

[edit] Appearence

Cooler initially appears in a state similar to that of his younger brother. Though looking similar, Cooler's version of this state seems to be weaker than that of Frieza, as Goku overwhelmed Cooler in his base form only. In his transformed state, Cooler increases in size, his eyes turn red, and he grows spikes on his head. He gains a lot of power, which Goku could only beat by becoming a Super Saiyan. As Meta Cooler, his appearance again resembles his fourth form, only this time with a metallic gray color.

[edit] Abilities

Like most characters in the Dragonball universe, Cooler can manipulate his ki, allowing him to fly, possess super strength and launch energy blasts. Unlike Frieza, Cooler developed a form beyond his true state, this form possesses much more sheer power than his younger sibling. Another special ability of Cooler is being able to live in space, despite no oxygen being present.

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