Check-in Station

The check-in station is a place in the afterlife where every soul from planet Earth is guided towards after their passing. It is controlled by the gigantic King Yemma. After a soul arrives at the check-out, it is evaluated by Yemma, who subsequently decides where the soul is to go. Usually, all souls are stripped of their bodies, which are then sent to a spirit washing tank. Incidently, souls is allowed to keep their bodies, though this only applies to pure souls, and even then, only special cases, for which a real definition, or dividing line was never given. Pure souls that were allowed to keep their body, such as Goku, are allowed to travel to Heaven, whilst evil ones, such as Cell and Frieza, go down to Hell. It should be noted that the evil souls keeping their bodies is a huge plothole, created by Anime Fillers.

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