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[edit] Character Description

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Cell is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

Cell is a genetic experiment conducted by Dr Gero. He contains the cells of some of the strongest fighters on Earth such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and King Cold and as such knows all of their skills and abilities. He also has the ability to absorb humans for energy, and does this to raise his power but his ultimate goal is to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to become complete.

[edit] Plot Involvement


Main Plot Summary

Cell is a super villain of the Dragonball Z universe. He is the one of Dr. Gero's scientific creations, cloned from the cells of several characters within the series. Due to being made up of genes collected from various great warriors, Cell is viewed as the perfect warrior. His existence first comes into question when his shed skin is found by Future Trunks, Young Gohan and Bulma. His first in-the-flesh appearance is when he is discovered by Piccolo who unveils the creature's history along with his plan to "absorb" Android 17 and Android 18.

Consuming a load of passers on his quest, he eventually meets up with the androids and fails to then absorb the androids, being beaten in a battle by Android 16. Later he manages to absorb 17 and transforms into his second form. A character named Tien then intervenes giving 16 and 18 ample time to make an escape They take refuge on an island where they attempt to hide from Cell until a point where Vegeta arrives to lay down his challenge. Vegeta easily wins, making use of the Super Saiyan mode and as such is upset by the lack of challenge and so goes on to help Cell absorb 18. He soon lives to regret this as Cell easily defeats him in the acquirement of his new powers, despite receiving the aide of Trunks. Rather than killing his defeated opponents, Cell decides to hold a Tournament in order to find a worthy opponent.

Renaming the long dropped Tournament the Cell Games, challenging Earth to send its best fighters to take him on. Hercule and his students are first to take up the challenge and lose followed by Goku whom also cannot win. Then Goku's son, Gohan, decides to take on the challenge. Like his father before him Gohan looks to lose until Cell kills 16 which results in a deep rage being awoken in Gohan allowing him to reach Super Saiyan 2. Instead of losing like a true warrior, Cell decides to blow himself up with a self detonation device implant. This attempt to kill off everyone fails, however, as Goku grabs him and teleports him to the planet of King Kai. Goku's plan succeeds in saving Earth however the explosion easily kills him while Cell manages to regenerate and return to Earth to finish what he started. As soon as he arrives he kills off the Trunks from the future and badly wounds Vegeta. He prepares a Kamehameha to destroy Earth, but Gohan manages to match it with his single handed Kamehameha, and spiritual help from his father. Vegeta distracts Cell, and Gohan wipes out Cell.

[edit] Dragonball Z

Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

Cell arrives from the future in Trunks' Time Capsule and searchs for the Androids which he needs to become complete, as he is currently in his Imperfect form. He collects energy from humans by absorbing them and as his energy grows his presence becomes known. The first to confront Cell is Piccolo, the fight but when Trunks and Krillin also join up with Piccolo, Cell makes the decision to retreat and gather more energy.

Later, Cell senses Piccolo fighting again and investigates, finding that Piccolo is fighting with Android 17. He interupts the fight and attempts to absorb 17, being successful in his attempts and becoming closer to perfection. With his energy increased he turns his attention to Android 18, but is prevented from absorbing her thanks to the efforts of Tien and Android 16.

Imperfect & Perfect Cell & Cell Games Sagas

Once Cell deals with Tien he heads off in the direction Androids 16 and 18 headed in, destroying islands along the way in an attempt to flush the Androids out. He eventually narrows down to where the Androids are hiding but before he can absorb them, Vegeta and Trunks appear to fight him. Cell accepts the challenge but is suprised to find Vegeta is easily able to beat him, before Vegeta can kill him Cell convinces him to let him absorb Android 18 as he will be much stronger and be more of a challenge for Vegeta. His plan works and Vegeta allows Cell to absorb Android 18, making Cell finally complete. In this form he is much stronger and easily stands up to all of Vegeta's attacks, even surviving Vegeta's devastating Final Flash attack. Once Vegeta is knocked unconscious, Trunks intervenes, saying that he is actually stronger than his father. Despite this, Cell is still able to avoid Trunks' attacks, telling him that yes he might be stronger, but it is no use if he can't hit him. Trunks dispairs at this and lets slip about the training he has been through, this interests Cell and he asks whether, if they were given some time, if they could become stronger. When Trunks says that this is indeed possible, Cell leaves telling him to tell everyone to train and watch for him on TVs.

Cell later appears on TV telling everyone that in 10 days he will be holding a tournament and only the strongest fighters should attend. Cell then waits out the 10 days, perhaps a little impatiently, and finally everyone gathers for his tournament. Goku fights him first but he gives up part the way through the fight, insisting that Gohan is stronger than him and should fight instead. Gohan is unsure about this but agrees to fight and initially doesn't seem to be making much progress. Cell is disappointed in this and wonders why Goku sent out Gohan to fight him as he was expecting a better fight. Gohan explains that when he gets angry he unlocks strength, so Cell decides to release Cell Jrs and attack Goku, Vegeta and the others in an attempt to make Gohan angry. Despite all this it doesn't seem to be enough to push Gohan over the edge, even when he realises everyone there but Trunks has died once before and as such, can't be revived again. Android #16, who also joined the others to fight Cell makes an attempt to destroy Cell by self destructing himself. But unknown to him, his bomb was removed by Bulma so his plan was a failure. Cell then destroys #16 himself, smashing him to pieces. #16's head remains intact and he talks to Gohan, telling him it's okay to get angry, if he's fighting for good. Cell gets irritated by #16's noise and smashes his head, totally destroying him, this is what sends Gohan into a rage, pushing him over the edge and transforming him into a Super Saiyan 2. In his transformed state he is easily a match for Cell, even being able to make Cell cough up #18 In his weakened state Gohan begins to toy with him despite Goku and the others asking for him to finish Cell. This leads to Gohan's downfall, as Cell realises he cannot win he decides to make a desperate move - self destructing, an explosion powerful enough to destroy the whole planet. There's nothing Gohan can do and as he dispairs at his mistake Goku steps in, telling Gohan he did well, then teleporting himself and Cell away, sacrificing himself to save them all.

However, Cell managed to survive the explosion, his core cell was not destroyed and as long as he has this he can always regenerate. As he survived a near-death experience he is greatly powered up, achieving his Perfect Cell form even without Android 18 and teleports back to Earth where he instantly kills Trunks at random. Vegeta becomes enraged at the death of his son and attacks Cell fiercely but it is not enough to do any damage and he knocks him aside. Gohan saves Vegeta's left by blocking a blast, badly injuring his arm. Cell then launches a powerful Kamehameha, which Gohan matches with his own, and the two are locked in a beam battle. With words of encouragement from his father's spirit Gohan is able to keep Cell's beam at bay, but not enough to overpower him. Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha and Tien also step in to help by firing their own blasts at Cell. Finally, Vegeta gives in and helps too, much to Cell's suprise. Using that moment when Cell is distracted, Gohan pushes the beam forward and is finally able to overcome Cell and kill him for good.

[edit] Dragonball GT

Super Android 17 Saga

Cell is seen again much later in the series, this time teamed up with Frieza in Hell. The pair of them cause as much trouble for Goku as possible when he is trapped in Hell, fighting him and stopping him from trying to escape. They pose a greater threat than before as they cannot be killed, given that they are already dead, but Goku manages to outsmart them, having them both frozen into a block of ice by a machine.

[edit] Personality

At the beginning he acts instinctual like an animal, simply attempting to achieve his predetermined goals. After the absorbing of the androids his personality changes to more of your average arrogant human.

[edit] Attributes

  • All the forms of Cell have enhanced strength, superhuman reflexes, and can move at high impossible speeds.
  • Cell has the ability to fly.
  • Cell can use the Kamehameha, a technique that he gained from the cells of Goku.
  • Cell learns the ability of Instant Transmission due to the cells gained after Goku is killed in the explosion.
  • Also taking on cells from Frieza, he can survive in space and use several other abilities of their abilities.
  • Due to having Saiyan cells, he becomes more powerful after regaining from a near-death.
  • With the cells gained from Piccolo he can regenerate limbs or even his entire body from a single microscopic cell.
  • Cell is a very shrewd and tactical fighter, inheriting these characters from the cells gained from Piccolo.

[edit] Appearances

Cell makes many appearances in the anime, including after his death in Hell. He also stars in the manga and many of the video games.

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