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[edit] Character Description

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Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu is a fictional character that appears in Akira Toriyama's manga: Dragonball, as well as its anime adaptation Dragonball Z.

Ginyu is the Captain of the Ginyu Force, a special forces team employeed by Frieza and one of the toughest teams he has in his army. The Captain is the strongest in the team and particularly loyal to Frieza. Captain Ginyu is first introduced as the leader of the five-headed Ginyu Force, a team of elite warriors known all throughout the universe. They are the property of the galactic overlord Frieza, and they are only summoned when Frieza and his men are dealing with a situation Frieza's men cannot handle, and hasn't yet escalated to the point where Frieza would have to intervene himself.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Main Plot Summary

Ginyu is the most powerful member of the Ginyu Force, with a confirmed power level of 120,000. He used to be second strongest in the universe after Frieza, until the Saiyan Goku appeared on planet Namek and displayed a power level far above Ginyu's own, prompting Ginyu to switch bodies with him. Ultimately, Ginyu accidentally switches bodies with a frog when attempting to steal the body of Vegeta, courtesy of Goku. Ginyu is transferred along to planet Earth after Porunga granted that wish. There he stayed until, he died when Majin Buu destroyed planet Earth.

Namek, Captain Ginyu, & Frieza Sagas

Captain Ginyu and his Ginyu Force are called upon by Frieza to take care of some things on Planet Namek. Thier first job is to retrieve the Dragon Balls that Vegeta stole from Frieza and also kill Vegeta. Using their scouters it doesn't take long at all for them to locate Vegeta, as well as Krillin and Gohan who are with him. Ginyu takes the Dragon Balls and leaves his squad to deal with the three of them while he goes back to Frieza.

Once Ginyu returns the Dragon Balls to Frieza they try to summon the Dragon but are unsuccessful as they don't know the password. While Frieza is off trying to find a Namek who can tell him the password, Jeice comes back to tell Ginyu what has happened - Guldo, Recoome and Burter are dead and a new Saiyan has showed up. The two of them head back and face Goku alone, after Krillin and Gohan are sent to relocate the Dragon Balls, and Vegeta deserts him. Ginyu is suprised at just how strong Goku is and that he is even stronger than him, so he comes up with a plan. Using a special technique he is able to switch bodies with Goku, after injuring his own so Goku won't be able to follow, then flies off with Jeice to find Gohan and Krillin.

It doesn't take Gohan and Krillin long to realise that it is not Goku infront of them, Goku (in Ginyu's body) also manages to show up and they get locked in battle. Vegeta also shows up and kills Jeice, before going after Ginyu. As Goku's body gets more beaten, and he realises he can't use all of Goku's power he decides to change bodies, this time with Vegeta. Goku manages to jump in the way of the beam, saving Vegeta and also returning him and Ginyu to their original bodies. Ginyu attempts the same thing again with Vegeta, but this time Goku throws a frog into the path of the beam, leaving Ginyu stuck forever in the body of a frog.

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