Bulla at the Tournament.

[edit] Character Description


Bulla is a character in the show Dragon Ball GT. She is the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, she is the second child in the family, being around 13 years younger than her older brother, Trunks. She seems to have little interest in fighting and takes more after her mother. Bulla first appears in episode 289 of the Dragonball Z series attending the World Martial Arts Tournament with her mother Bulma. She first looks like a child in the Dragonball Z series. Bulla is somewhere around the same age as Goku's granddaughter Pan who was first introduced in this episode as well.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Bulma and Bulla.

Bulla has a very limited amount of involvement in the plot, her main involvement being possessed by the parasetic creature Baby, and turned into a Tuffle vazal. She is later cured of her possession when sprayed with the holy water from Kami's Lookout.

Her name is in-keeping with Akira Toriyama's hobby of giving his characters themed names, in this case the theme is underwear. Bulla, Trunks, and Bulma.

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