Budokai 3 (Console)

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 01.jpg

North American Box Art

Developer Dimps
Publisher Atari
Platform PS2, PS3
Release Date(s) North America -– November 16, 2004

Europe -– December 3, 2004
Australia –- November 26, 2004

Genre Action/Fighting (PS2)
Rating (T) Teen - Violence
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[edit] Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 runs on the same engine as the past two Budokai's. Intense hand to hand combat and explosive Ki Energy attacks. Players fight in destructible 3D environments, testing their combat skills to the highest level.

[edit] Features

  • A new a 'Z Point' growth system that allows characters to increase in power and defense.
  • When faced with big powerful ki attacks, players can teleport out of harms way unscaved and also use it for longer combos or to suprise enemies.
  • New pursuit attacks like Teleportation will consume your ki so that you do not use to many of them.
  • Multiple energy blasts can now be fired at once instead of one at a time as in previous games, and prolonged blocking can cause your character to

become fatigued, leaving him vulnerable to attacks instead of being able to block thoughout the fight adding to the 'Dragonball Z' realism.

  • Old characters from Budokai 1 & 2, accompanied by brand new Movie and Series characters as well as Fusions.
  • Detail on auras increased and improved to enhance the visual experience of raging power.
  • Cel shading graphics return with enhanced features, much more impressive than Budokai 2.
  • New and improved transformations including the super saiyan 4 form seen in 'Dragon Ball Grand Tour (DBGT)'.
  • Now players are no longer bound to the ground, with free-flight being available for use.
  • The new 'Dragon Road' mode allows players to take characters on a long and wild adventure.
  • Also players can freely fly around the world as any character and experience the scenarios they found in the original story, and as everything progresses in the gameplay, there won't be any cut-scenes.

[edit] List of playable characters:

  1. Goku (Base, Kaio-ken, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4)
  2. Kid Goku
  3. Kid Gohan (Base, Unlock Potential)
  4. Teen Gohan (Base, SSJ, SSJ2)
  5. Gohan (Base, SSJ, SSJ2, Elder Kai Unlock Ability)
  6. Great Saiyaman
  7. Piccolo (Base, Sync with Nail, Fuse with Kami)
  8. Krillin (Base, Unlock Potential)
  9. Yamcha
  10. Tien
  11. Vegeta (Base, SSJ, SSJ2, Majin Vegeta, SSJ4)
  12. Kid Trunks (Base, SSJ)
  13. Goten (Base, SSJ)
  14. Future Trunks (Base, SSJ, SSJ2)
  15. Gotenks (Fusion) (Base, SSJ, SSJ3)
  16. Vegito (Potara) (Base, SSJ)
  17. Gogeta (Fusion) (SSJ, SSJ4)
  18. Hercule (Base, High Tension)
  19. Videl
  20. Raditz
  21. Nappa
  22. Saibamen
  23. Captain Ginyu
  24. Recoome
  25. Frieza (1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form, Final form, 100% Final form, Mecha Frieza)
  26. Android 16
  27. Android 17
  28. Android 18
  29. Dr. Gero
  30. Cell (Imperfect, 17 absorbed, Perfect form, Super Perfect form)
  31. Cell Jr.
  32. Dabura (Base, Demonic Will)
  33. Majin Buu
  34. Super Buu (Piccolo, Gotenks, Gohan absorbed)
  35. Kid Buu
  36. Supreme Kai
  37. Kibito Kai (Potara)
  38. Bardock
  39. Cooler (4th form, 5th form, Meta Cooler)
  40. Broly (SSJ, LSSJ)
  41. Omega Shenron
  42. Uub

On the page below are descriptions on how to unlock some of the secret characters.

[edit] Controls

During Battle
Directional Pad - Move your character
Left Analog - Move your character
Triangle - Kick (K)
Square - Punch (P)
Circle - Energy Wave (E)
X - Guard (G)
L1 - P+G (Throw)
L2 - P+K+G+E (Hyper Mode)
R1 - P+K+G (Transformation)
R2 - P+K (Counter)

Dragon Universe
R1 - Ki Search / Scouter Search
Start - Menu
Right Analog Up - Up
Right Analog Down - Down
Right Analog Left / Right - Rotate
Left Analog Up - Forward
L1 + Left Analog Up - Quick Flying
L1 + Left Analog Right - 180 degrees turn
Left Analog Down - Backward
X - Select Marker
Triangle - World Map / Dragon Radar ON/OFF

During Skill Setting
Up/Down - Select Slot
X - Confirm
Circle - Remove Skill
Square - View Skill Sheet
Triangle - Cancel

[edit] Capsules

[edit] World Tournament

Budokai 3 keeps on going with the World Tournament mode from the previous Budokai games.

Along with the regular Adept and Advanced difficulties available for unlocking, a new mode of World Tournament was added.

Novice Tournament
Novice Tournament is available from the start of the game. The difficulty here is the easiest about four people to get through. Your prize for winning in First place is 10,000 zenie.

Adept Tournament
Beat the Novice Tournament and buy the Adept Tournament capsule from the skill shop. The difficulty here is medium with more people to get through. Your prize for winning in First place is 25,000 zenie.

Advanced Tournament
Beat the Adept Tournament and buy the Advanced Tournament capsule from the skill shop. The difficulty here is hard with more people to get through, most of the characters appear here. Your prize for winning in First place is 50,000 zenie.

Cell Games

Defeat Cell when he appears in Dragon Arena to unlock this mode. The concept of the Cell games is the same as the other tournaments where you face opponents and move further up the bracket but the only difference is that once you actually defeat the others Cell is always your final opponent. The Cell Games are the hardest of all the difficulties and is very challenging to beat.

Quick Money
If you want to get more money by winning in first place on either Novice, Adept, or Advanced mode read the following:

Equip a character with one of the following:


Remember that you can only have one of these and the amount of '!' it has is the amount of spaces it will take up. The more '!' it has the more cash it will bring in so this is a quick way to get money quick.

[edit] Dragon Universe

[edit] Dragon Arena

The purpose of Dragon Arena is yo allow you level up your own character of choice
which you can afterwards get passwords generated by the game itself for other players
to combat.

Tips to Level Quicker
If you are pretty confident of winning set up your character with the Support Capsule of either:

    WE GOTTA POWER!!!!!!
    WE GOTTA POWER!!!!!!!

This will get you experience much more quicker depending on which one you equip. The more '!' the capsule has the more experience you would get. You also need to fight some high level people to get more experience quicker. Be aware though that WE GOTTA POWER!!!!!!! takes seven space which levels you very quickly but doesn't let you use any other capsule so you have to be very good when using this capsule.

[edit] Passwords

Want to have your own unique password listed to see if your character is the best? Click on the "suggest content for this page" link below and enter your password, your user name, the level of the character, and the name of the character.

[edit] Unlockables

[edit] Characters

Teen Gohan - Complete Kid Gohan's DU mode

Gohan - Complete Teen Gohan's DU mode

Great Saiyman - Complete Gohan's DU mode

Goten - Defeat him (1st battle) in Gohan's DU mode

Vegeta - Defeat him in Goku's DU mode

Kid Trunks - Defeat Majin Buu in Vegeta's DU mode

Trunks - Complete Vegeta's DU mode

Videl - In Gohan's DU mode, go to the ??? market located in the plains in near Goku's house

Hercule (Mr. Satan) - In Piccolo's DU mode (Buu Saga), before fighting Super Buu at Kami's lookout, search the desert near Baba's palace for a ??? marker. Piccolo will meet Hercule for a random capsule. Find cental city and you will receive Hercules Capsule from Videl.

Supreme Kai - Complete Gohan's DU at once, during a second Gohan run through,
find West City and use your Ki search, it will direct you for a Plains marker where you will fight Vegeta. Once he is defeated continue that story and instead of fighting Dabura where you would Majin Vegeta takes his place. Defeat himand go to Central City around there look for a Plains marker and there you get his capsule.

Uub - In Goku's DU mode you msut defeat Kid Buu using a Super Spirit Bomb, now
continue your story and get to the World Tournament, there you fight Uub and when you defeat him you get the capsule.

Recoome - Defeat him in Goku's DU mode during Namek Saga

Captain Ginyu</b> - Defeat him in Goku's DU mode during Namek Saga

Frieza - Defeat him in Goku's DU (first time) mode during Namek Saga

Dr. Gero - Defeat him in Yamcha's DU mode

Android #16 - After completing Krillin's Du mode once, in the second run through
Find him near the south islands in a Plain marker, go to Bulma in West City to get the capsule.

Android #17 - Defeat him in Piccolo's DU mode

Android #18 - Defeat him in Krillin's DU mode

Cell - Defeat him (1st time) in Teen Gohan's DU mode

Dabura - Defeat him in Gohan's DU mode

Majin Buu - Defeat him in Goku's DU mode

Super Buu - During Goku's Du defeat him with Vegito while he has Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo absorbed.

Kid Buu - Defeat him in Goku's DU mode

Saibamen - In Dragon Arena he will appear randomly, once he does defeat him
to unlock him.

Cell Jr. - Same as the Saibamen

Bardock - During Goku's DU mode, find Raditz's spaceship and it sohuld have a ???
over it, go in it to get the capsule

Cooler - After defeating Frieza with Goku, south of where you beat him is, SS
Vegeta. Beat him and he will tell you about Cooler. Go to Cooler's red mark that has now
appeared and beat him.

Dr. Gero - Defeat him in Yamcha's DU

Goten - Defeat him in Gohan's DU

Kid Goku - Go through Goku's DU a second time, before fighting Nappa, you should
find Grandpa Gohan's house, go in it and you should get Kid Goku.

Majin Buu - Defeat him in Goku's DU

Omega Shenron - After being invited to face Gotenks at the tournament, visit Bulma
in West city. Defeat Gotenks and you'll be able to unlock Omega Shenron.

Super Buu - Defeat him in Goku's DU

[edit] Difficulty Levels

Along with the original difficulty levels you can unlock three extra difficulty levels for those in need of a good challenge.

Z Mode - Beat Dragon Universe on Very Hard once with anyone
Z2 Mode - Beat Dragon Universe on Z Mode once with anyone
Z3 Mode - Beat Dragon Universe on Z2 Mode once with anyone

[edit] Modes

There are extra modes in which you can involve yourself in after you complete the first ones.

Adept Tournament - Beating Novice Tournament and buy the Adept Tournament
capsule from the skill shop.

Advanced Tournament - Beating Adept Tournament and buy the Advanced Tournament
capsule from the skill shop.

Cell Games Rules - Defeat Cell when he appears in Dragon Arena

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