Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

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[edit] The Legendary Super Saiyan

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Japanese Name: Burn Your Spirits to the Max!! Close Battle, Violent Battle, Super Bloody Battle

Terror is stricken into King Kai’s heart when his senses come to the realisation that the Southern Galaxy has been completely destroyed, and even more so when he believes that a Super Saiyan is responsible...Will the Northern Galaxy be next to perish? On Earth, Goku is stuck in a two hour waiting line with Chi-Chi for an interview to see if Gohan can be accepted at one of the best private schools in the world. Goku wishes he could be somewhere else, especially since Gohan is having a relaxing picnic with other members of the Z Gang. But while Krillin is taking part in a painful karaoke session, a mysterious spaceship lands on the scene with loads of soldiers emerging to bow before Vegeta, as well a man who introduces himself as a Saiyan named Paragus.

Meanwhile, during the interview, Goku Instant Translocates to King Kai’s planet after he is telepathically asked to come up there right away and discuss a sudden emergency...Paragus asks Vegeta to become the King of a New Planet Vegeta to that has been built, and also informs him that the planet is under threat from the Legendary Super Saiyan, who needs to be found and destroyed by Vegeta himself. As the spaceship takes off, Vegeta has agreed to accompany Paragus, but Trunks, Gohan, Krillin, Oolong and Master Roshi end up going as well.

King Kai has explained to Goku that the South Galaxy was annihilated by the Legendary Super Saiyan, who needs to be stopped before the same is done to the Northern Galaxy. Goku Instant Translocates to the South Galaxy, attempting to follow the small traces of the Legendary Super Saiyan’s energy that have been left behind in his path of destruction.

The spaceship has now landed on the New Planet Vegeta, where Paragus introduces Vegeta to the army of soldiers to have come to fight for their cause, as well as his Saiyan son Broly. A soldier suddenly arrives bringing word that the Legendary Super Saiyan has appeared on a nearby planet, and Vegeta immediately wants to investigate along with Broly’s help, despite Trunks’ pleas to think things through first.

When Gohan, Krillin and Trunks decide to look around the planet, they find that a race of people whose planet was wrecked by the Legendary Super Saiyan, and are now being forced to work like mining slaves to pump energy to the planet’s palace. Gohan aggravates the soldiers bossing them around, and Krillin scares them away by showing off some punches. Goku suddenly Instant Translocates in front of him and gets hit in the face by one of Krillin’s random punches much to everyone’s surprise. Paragus then appears on the scene and introduces himself to Goku, before treating all of them to a feast. As some food is shared with the slaves, they are persistent in their claims that Paragus is certainly not the Legendary Super Saiyan...Elsewhere, Paragus exhibits some shady behaviour in a lab, revealing that a comet is actually heading straight for New Planet Vegeta...

Vegeta arrives back after an unsuccessful search, and some tension is caused when Goku and Broly lay eyes on each other...Paragus uses a wrist accessory to calm a strange anger within Broly, and later in flashback we learn that it is in fact Broly who is the Legendary Super Saiyan, and a scientist created a device so that Paragus could control Broly’s power and have command over it. Paragus then realises that Broly is fuelled by anger when he sees Goku because when they babies, before Planet Vegeta was destroyed, Goku’s spirited crying would make Broly upset. Paragus resolves to keep Broly under control with their visitors around, but it won’t be that easy...

In the middle of the night Broly is overwhelmed and suddenly attacks Goku violently, and in their short battle before Paragus intervenes and calms Broly with his device, Goku realises that Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan he was searching for. The next morning, Vegeta is preparing to go into space for another search for the Legendary Super Saiyan, but Paragus tries to convince him to stay for the time being. Goku then turns up and reveals to Vegeta the truth about Broly, and Trunks explains what has been happening with the slaves. Paragus forcefully tells of his true plan to take over the paradise-like Planet Earth, but to preserve its beauty led the Z Fighters to “New Planet Vegeta” for a battle with Broly, but also because there is a comet due to collide with New Planet Vegeta and destroy it completely.

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As Broly begins to lose control and power up, Vegeta suddenly attacks him in vein, and Broly finally transforms to his full state of Legendary Super Saiyan power. Vegeta collapses in fear from seeing this incredible energy before his eyes, while Broly immediately goes forward and attacks Goku and Gohan. Paragus explains to Vegeta through flashback about how the King Vegeta ordered for Broly’s execution immediately following his birth due to his unusually high level of power. Broly and Paragus were brutally attacked and left to die, but on that same day Frieza destroyed their planet, and Broly’s unleashed power activated a barrier that allowed them both to survive.

Meanwhile, Goku, Gohan and Trunks all power up to Super Saiyan and attack Broly together, when a drunken Master Roshi arrives and puts on a vulgar yet humorous display to try and defeat Broly by making him laugh. The Legendary Super Saiyan is not impressed, and when he noticed the slaves hiding in fear in the background, he mocks them by sending an energy ball up into the sky that destroys their home planet. The Z Fighters decide enough is enough, but Trunks is quickly knocked aside. When Broly makes a comment about how much Gohan means to his father, Goku insists that Gohan retreat with the others. However, Broly then kicks Goku into a mountainside and pursues Gohan to destroy him.

Gohan is knocked unconscious by an attack, and Goku and Trunks’ efforts to rescue him by distracting Broly eventually fail. Broly’s strength continues to increase, and as he begins to bring it under control, he sends an energy attack to finish off Gohan. Luckily it is diverted at the last moment by Piccolo, who then feeds a senzu bean to Gohan, Trunks and Goku to restore their strength. Piccolo then explains how his super-sensitive ears overheard Goku’s meeting with King Kai, leading him to take a spaceship to New Planet Vegeta, which is now being used by Krillin, Oolong, Roshi and the slaves to escape before the comet hits.

As the battle with Broly continues, Piccolo confronts Vegeta over his sudden need to give up and not fight. The Namek is disgusted by Vegeta’s cowardly decision, and rejoins the fight in which the Z Fighters are losing very badly at this point. Even Goku’s Kamehameha Wave does absolutely nothing to Broly. Then, as Vegeta continues to watch the fight, he eventually decides that he as the Prince cannot carry on acting in fear when lower-class Saiyans are still fighting anyway. Vegeta goes all out, but even he cannot lay a finger on the mighty Legendary Super Saiyan and is knocked unconscious.

Paragus then climbs into a Saiyan spacepod to escape New Planet Vegeta before the incoming comet destroys it, but Broly kills him before he manages to do so. Piccolo, Trunks and Gohan decide to channel their energies straight into Goku to make him stronger, since he is the only one left with a chance of stopping Broly. However, it still isn’t quite enough, and Vegeta is eventually convinced to give Goku his power as well.

With the energy of all his friends gathered within him, Goku manages to muster up one final attack that blasts into Broly and destroys him from the inside. Finally, as New Planet Vegeta is destroyed, Goku has used his Instant Translocation to save himself and his friends to rejoin the others in their spaceship. With Broly defeated, the Z Fighters finally return to Earth...

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[edit] Music

Alot of notable music was used in this movie, much like previous movies. This movie also marks the end of big name music appearing in DBZ movies.

The following songs were present in the Funimation dub of Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan:

  • Tendril - Eternal Sacrifice (opening theme of movie as well as some of the previous movies. The lyrics were removed here)
  • El Gato - Lost In America
  • Brave Combo - Dance of the Hours
  • Pointy Shoe Factory - On Your Knees
  • Pointy Shoe Factory - Bump In The Night
  • Doosu - Louisiana House Fire. Mid 1950
  • The Aleph - Lazarus
  • Slow Roosevelt - Boys Lie, Girls Steal
  • Spoonfed Tribe - Beetle Orange
  • Dokodemo Doa - Fearful Yet Hopeful
  • Pointy Shoe Factory - The Dub and the Dead
  • Pantera - 10's
  • Tendril - Invisibles
  • Gravity Pool - Reach
  • Gravity Pool - Won't Give In
  • Haji's Kitchen - Day After Day
  • Slow Roosevelt - Silverback
  • Haji's Kitchen - Lost
  • El Gato - Stained-Glass Windshield

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