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Race Saiyan
Gender Male
First Appearance Dragonball Z


[edit] Character Description

Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan, is regarded by many to be the most powerful villain to ever appear in Dragonball Z, in terms of raw strength and toughness.

He is not from the same legend as the one Vegeta referred to on Namek. That was the canon Super Saiyan Legend who was unrelated to the non canon Legendary Super Saiyan of which Broly came to be. In other words, he would rank on top of the Saiyan hierarchy. Being the only known character born with a power level of 10,000 accounts for that which is a catalyst for his amazing potential as a Saiyan warrior. This is what Vegeta meant in the first movie when he said that Broly is "the most powerful Saiyan in all of history". Besides Paragus, he was the only one there who knew just how deadly the magnitude of Broly's emerging power was. The whole reason why King Vegeta was so quick to cowardly order out his execution - it would've only been a matter of time before he grew strong enough to overthrow the King, his son and even Frieza from the royal throne and empire. Because of this and his rabid destruction of world to world later on, the LSSJ was deemed "unstoppable" and feared most throughout the universe via stories that were foretold and passed down over the years. Unfortunately, he didn't get to live on and have the chance of achieving his full strength.

Broly turned SSJ at a younger age than Goku showing how he's able to ascend to new levels beyond what's natural in the shortest possible time for a Saiyan. Given everything about his deep legacy, Broly was made to be the strongest individual being (excluding fusion) in the universe once his full potential was reached. Including his tail would've amplified his chaotic state into an all-out massacre with the help of the Blutz Waves. When you think about his exponential power and how limited he was due to the movie timeline constraints, the possibilities are nearly endless and it all starts to unfold.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Baby Broly

Broly is a member of the race of extraterrestrials called Saiyans, and was the main villain of three Dragonball Z movies, as the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly does not appear in Akira Toriyama's original manga, making him a non canon character. He was born with an astounding 10,000 powerlevel. This unusual level of strength was enough reason for King Vegeta to become distressed, and he ordered both Broly and Paragus to be executed. They survived the attempt however, and escaped Planet Vegeta. As a baby, Broly's crib was placed directly next to Goku's. Due to the latter's constant crying and yelling, Broly formed a deep grudge towards Goku.

In movie 8, Broly's father Paragus came to planet Earth, looking for prince Vegeta, claiming that he was to be named King of the new Planet Vegeta. To do so however, Vegeta would need to defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan, who was responsible for the annihilation of the Southern Galaxy. Unbeknowst to Vegeta however, it was Paragus' son Broly who was the actual Legendary Super Saiyan, and it was Paragus' mission to extract revenge on the son of King Vegeta. This revelation eventually boiled down in a huge fight in which Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo all teamed up to fight Broly in his true form. Despite their best efforts however, they found themselves severely outclassed. After suffering a thorough beating, the Z-fighters eventually channeled their energy towards Goku, who formed it all in one big punch, which led to Broly's downfall.

In movie 10, it was revealed that Broly miraculously survived the events from movie 8, made it to a space-pod, and crashlanded on planet Earth, where he was frozen under a thick layer of ice, preserving him. Seven years later however, it was the crying of Goten, Goku's youngest son, that reminded him of Goku's crying as a baby and awoke him. Once again, Broly was easily on the winning end of the fight until he was distracted by a blast from Kid Trunks which gave Goku and his sons their only shot to defeat Broly, where he was blasted into the sun and killed.

In movie 11, it wasn't the real Broly, but a clone that was the main antagonist. Scientists had gathered blood samples from the original Broly, that were left on movie 10's battlefield to create this Broly clone. Eventually the clone was defeated by the joint efforts of Goten, Trunks, Krillin and Android #18.

[edit] Appearance

Adult Broly

Broly, like a typical full blooded Saiyan, has black hair and black eyes in his base form. Broly has two "versions" of the Super Saiyan form. When he is under his father's mind control device, his true power is restricted. In this state, his hair has a purple color and a darker skin pigment referred to as a Restrained Super Saiyan. In movie 10, Broly no longer wore the device as he broke out of it when confronting Goku in movie 8. As an uncontrolled Super Saiyan, Broly's skin is tan and his appearance mirrors that of any other Super Saiyan besides the brighter shade of golden hair. In Legendary state, his hair and aura in movie 8 had a light green color, presumably an after effect from Paragus's mind control device. In movie 10, it showed Broly's hair with his natural golden color which has a small green tint in the Legendary form. Another trademark from this stage is that Broly's irises literally vanish.

[edit] Abilities and Fighting Style

Broly Transforms

Broly has the ability to manipulate his ki. By doing so, he can fly throughout the air at high speed, quickly raise his power level with the right amount of focus and rage, and can utilize various types of ki attacks. Broly also possesses the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan, and furthermore into The Legendary Super Saiyan state. Whilst transforming, his skin breaks off into a burst of green light unveiling his true and most fearsome form (next to LSSJ3). One special quality it gives him is an abundant supply of green ki that flows throughout his body. Because of this, his strength rises at a constant and steady rate which is why we never see him short of breath until he is forced to expel the excess energy from his body before it becomes too much for him to handle as we see in movie 8.

Broly Owns Goku.jpg

Broly toys with his victims, giving them a slow and painful death so that he can relish every moment of their suffering. He walked through the Z-fighters hardest attacks with taunts and a sadistic smile unleashing his relentless power, proving their efforts to be futile. Broly's fighting style mostly consists of torturous wrestling moves, clotheslining, stomps, body slams and anything else that utilizes his large body mass. Despite his huge muscles, Broly's speed only increases the longer he stays in Legendary form giving him the advantage of being faster as well as stronger than his opponents. In this form, Broly is also known to exhibit intense levels of psychotic rage from the disturbing memories of his past and the pain he endured since birth.

[edit] Techniques & Special Finishing Moves

Blaster Shell

Blaster Shell - A similar variation of the Eraser Cannon which Broly uses to blow up the slaves' and Shamo's home planet before their eyes. Blaster Shell and his other ki attacks are charged up where his green tint surrounds the area. The resulting damage is dependent on how much ki he pumps into it.

Ki Shield

Ki Shield - A defensive technique that Broly used to encase himself in a barrier of ki which deflects minor attacks and allows him to survive in outer space, shown as a baby when he senses Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta, saving his own life and his father from the explosion.

High Speed Hammer

High Speed Hammer - Broly's fierce melee attack where he flies at top speed, and catches his opponents face before slamming them into the ground and letting loose a combo followed by a mega punch, sending them airborne and pummeled.

Eraser Cannon

Eraser Cannon - Broly's signature move and one he uses most frequently. As a kid, Broly used this attack to destroy cities and planets in the south galaxy growing insane and invigorated in the process of his murderous rampage. Broly also controls the direction of the blast as we see him taunting Gohan in the air.

Gigantic Meteor

Gigantic Meteor - Broly's most powerful attack and super finishing move where he charges a small energy sphere that grows huge when it hits a target and can fire as much ki as he wants into it. In movie 10, he used this move giving SSJ Goku, Gohan and Goten much more than they could handle in the beam struggle.

Like any arsenal of moves, each of these can be performed with different combos to deal out much more damage than alone.

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