Bojack Unbound

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[edit] Bojack Unbound


Japanese Name: The Galaxy is in Danger!! The Super Awesome Guy!

Millionaire X.S. Cash is setting up an intergalactic martial arts tournament as a treat for his son, so four aliens from the different quadrants of the galaxy may gather on Earth and battle it out with human competitors to see who is the strongest fighter in the universe. As ceremonies for the opening of the competition get underway, even Goku and King Kai are watching via their television up in the Other World.

In the preliminary battle royale fights, Krillin advances to the next round, but is concerned when he sees he may not be able to progress further since Gohan, Trunks and Piccolo are entering too, as well as Yamcha and Tien. Eventually the next round can begin, with one-on-one fights beginning, while Hercule looks on in fear when realising the fighters from the Cell Games and entering this tournament as well.

Gohan easily defeats his opponent and qualifies for the final four. A heated match-up between Trunks and Tien eventually ends in victory for Trunks, while Krillin is delighted that he can progress to the final four when his opponent of Piccolo flies away deciding the tournament is no longer worth his effort. The four finalists of Gohan, Trunks, Krillin and the sumo wrestler Doskou are zoomed off in pods to different battle zones to fight one of the four alien warriors each. Whichever competitor wins and arrives back at the stadium first will arrive at the final round to battle against Hercule.

Krillin prepares for his fight, thinking it will be an easy victory, but is shockingly defeated with ease by his opponent! Doskou is killed by his overwhelming adversary, while Gohan and Trunks ease find difficulty with their fights. Panic ensues back at the stadium, as it is confirms that these “aliens” are not the ones who have been scheduled for the tournament...Trunks is eventually able to kill his enemy with his Super Saiyan strength, but is then instantly knocked unconscious by a mysterious figure.

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In Other World, King Kai confirms that Earth is under attack from the demon Bojack and his henchmen, who were released from their prison when King Kai’s planet was destroyed. Gohan races to find Krillin and Trunks knocked out, and is confronted by Bojack and his crew. Yamcha and Tien arrive to help, but are easily defeated by the demons in the blink of an eye. Deciding enough is enough, Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan and begins to battle all of Bojack’s henchmen at once, but is dangerously outnumbered and becomes exhausted.

A finishing blow from Bojack himself is deflected by Piccolo who arrives at the scene to save Gohan, and goes one-on-one against Bojack. Despite his best efforts, Piccolo is defeated as well, and when Trunks intervenes to try and stop Bojack, he is trapped by the henchmen. Fortunately, Trunks is saved by the arrival of Vegeta, who goes all out to try and destroy Bojack, but even he is overpowered and beaten when Bojack powers up to his full potential.

The demon group gang up on and defeat Trunks, leaving Gohan on his own again to deal with them all. Gohan is suddenly saved by Hercule’s inadvertent arrival to the battlefield, but it is short-lived as Gohan continues to be battered and beaten. Up in Other World, Goku decides he cannot just sit back and watch anymore, and even though an attempted Instant Translocation to the scene shouldn’t be able to work since he has already died, Goku’s spirit is still able to save Gohan’s life from Bojack’s onslaught. Goku then gives Gohan some words of advice to unleash his full inner power, and then disappears again back to the Other World.

With that, Gohan stands tall and powers up to his maximum, unleashing his Super Saiyan 2 level. In this new state of strength, Gohan defeats two of the henchmen with a single attack each, and then turns his attention to Bojack, who kills his female subordinate himself since she shows fear to Gohan. After that, even Bojack’s very best efforts aren’t enough to save himself, and he is finally killed by Gohan’s Kamehameha Wave. The story ends with the Z Fighters recuperating in the hospital while Goku continues to watch over them from the Other World….

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