Bojack (transformations

[edit] Form 1

Form 1

Bojack and his henchmen all have similarities in their appearence, and experience the same type of transformation. Here, they have a somewhat blue colour of skin, with pointy ears and orange hair.

[edit] Form 2

Form 2

Powering up and emitting an aura gives Bojack's gang an instant transformation. Their orange hair changes red, and their skin becomes a much lighter green colour. It is suggested that this form gives the warrior a higher power level, although it does not seem to be too much of a significant increase.

The fighter can change back and forth through these two forms quite easily. For example, Zangya (the female member of Bojack's group) is introduced in the second form when she fights with Krillin, but spends the remainder of the 9th Movie in the first form.

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