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[edit] Bio-Broly

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Japanese Name: Crushing Super Warrior!! I am the Winner

Somewhere in a laboratory, men is being released from capsules, the work of Dr Kori who has made them for Baron as tools of revenge against Mr Satan. One of the warriors still in a tank has a tail...

Meanwhile, Android 18 has gone to Mr Satan's home with Krillin, Goten, Trunks and Marron to get her money from him he promised in return for throwing the Tenkaichi Budokai. An aircar lands in Mr Satan's garden outside and the visitor goes inside to deliever a challenge from his cousin to Mr Satan. He recognises the name Jaga Butta, an old rival from school. He convinces Mr Satan to accept the challenge and fight his Biowarriors and #18 demands to go so that he doesn't get away without paying her. Goten and Trunks also follow along as stow-aways.

After a short flight they arrive at an island where Mr Satan is to fight the Biowarriors. Mr Satan, along with #18 are lead inside and greeted by Jaga Butta. Goten and Trunks spy on what is going on from behind the wall to the castle. Jaga explains that with all his wealth he has created many Biowarriors and they head to that "Battle Stage". Goten and Trunks hide under and table thieving food when they realise they recognise one of the men with Jaga - he is the Priest they met in a village. (see movie 10). Mr Satan becomes worried by the strength of the Biowarriors so convinces Android 18 to help, which she does in exchange for even more money. Goten and Trunks make their enterance and join in the fighting with #18 against the Biowarriors. The three of them have little trouble dealing with the Biowarriors, so Jaga is forced to bring out his strongest. The walls of the arena rise to reveal a massive underground complex and laboratory. Goten and Trunks take a look around and spot the tank containing a Saiyan - Broly. The pair find the priest and confront him about Broly. He explains that Broly did die in their last confrontation but, enough of his cells still existed for him to be regenerated with the biotechnology. Goten and Trunks decide the best thing to do is destroy the tank with Broly in now before he is released, but they are too late. He has already powered up to a Super Saiyan and escaped the tank. The scientists lock Broly down within walls and a fluid but it isn't enough to stop him. The fluid is very dangerous and absorbs all life around it, but fuses with Broly. Jaga orders Broly to kill Mr Satan who is once again forced to agree to paying more money to #18 to defeat him. However her attacks do nothing to Broly and he goes after Mr Satan as ordered, who is this time saved by Trunks just in time. Goten and Trunks power up to Super Saiyan and go straight for Broly, they seem to do much better than #18 did.

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Meanwhile the scientists and the priest are attempting to make their escape from the fluid that is seeping throughout the laboratory, however few of them are lucky enough to escape. #18 rejoins the fight to help Trunks, when out of nowhere Krillin shows up to help too. Goten and Trunks begin to lose their upperhand over Broly, when Trunks thinks of a plan. He lures Broly and blasts at a container of the fluid so that it spills over Broly. Broly melts into the fluid and disappears. Trunks finds Goten and catches up with #18 and Krillin.

Outside the whole castle is overflowing with the fluid and all the scientists are making their escape. Goten, Trunks, Krillin and #18 do their best to save the remaining survivors, even Jaga and Menmen. They are unable to stop the fluid which is growing rapidly. Goten notices that the fluid seems to be vunerable to seawater as it begins to harden when it enters the sea. Goten, Trunks and Krillin group together and fire three Kamehameha's towards the island and the fluid, causing the water to tidal wave over it and stop the fluid from spreading. Just as they are about to celebrate Broly appears again as a giant monster, but he is unable to do anything and becomes solid just like the fluid by the castle. Goten and Trunks destroy him once and for all.

Up in Heaven, Goku learns that Broly is causing trouble in Hell, and promises to go deal with him; just as soon as he has eaten dinner.

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