[edit] Character Description

Bibidi is a fictional character from Dragonball Z, more specifically, he is a warlock.

[edit] Plot involvement

5 million years prior to the Babidi Saga, Bibidi created a terrible monster, named Majin Buu, with the intention of ruling the universe. Bididi sends Buu to kill off the universe's most powerful Gods, the Kaioshins. Buu is successful in killing the Kaioshins of the Western, and Northern galaxy clusters. Furthermore, Buu absorbs the Southern Kaioshin, severely batters the Eastern Kaioshin, whom we again see in the Majin Buu Saga's, and in the final battle, Buu also absorbs the supreme ruler of the universe, the Dai Kaioshin, which causes Buu to transform into the fat form, which is the first form of Buu we get to see. Initially, Buu was so thoroughly evil and uncontrollable, that Bididi had no control over him. But after turning into the fat form, Bididi was able to seal Buu away in his shell.

Ultimately, the Eastern Kaioshin manages to kill Bibidi, and he is never again seen afterwards, but in brief flashbacks. Unbeknowst to Kaioshin however, Bididi had a son, Babidi, also a warlock who had magic powers surpassing that of even his father. When Kaioshin learns of Babidi's existence, and his plan to revive Buu, he rushed to Earth, which lead to the events we are all familiar with.

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