Bardock: The Father of Goku

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[edit] Bardock: The Father of Goku

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Japanese Name: A Final, Solitary Battle: The Z Warrior Son Goku's Father Challenges Frieza

In the past on Planet Vegeta a Saiyan baby named Kakarotto has been born, the son of Bardock. His energy reads poorly and the doctors muse that he will be sent off to a remote planet somewhere.

Elsewhere on the Planet Kanassa, Bardock and his team of Saiyans are busy pillaging the planet of life. The mission is a success and the group take five minutes to relax before they head home. Toma and Pasha wonder if Bardock will go see his new born son, but he tells them it's a waste of time given his poor power rating. They then begin to talk about rumours about the Kanassians and how they are supposed to have psychic abilities, just as they are talking a leftover Kanassian attacks and injures Bardock. He explains that he has given Bardock the ability to see visions of the future, knowing that the Saiyan race is doomed, the group rufuse to believe anything he has said and kill the Kanassian, but before they can do anything else Bardock collapses.

Meanwhile on another planet, a young Vegeta is training against a group of Saibamen which he effortlessly kills. Those watching over his training are amazed by how powerful Vegeta is, even against strength enhanced Saibamen with Nappa adding that Vegeta wasn't even giving his full strength. Vegeta and Nappa leave tha training room and Vegeta decides to go to ask Frieza if he can conquer a planet somewhere as he is getting bored on this planet. In Frieza's office, Zarbon gives word that Planet Kanassa has been taken over by a group of Saiyans. Zarbon and Dodoria muse that the Saiyans are becoming incredibley strong of late, particularly if they were in a group.

Elsewhere, Bardock is healing in a tank, the doctors tell Toma that Bardock is healing well but there is a change in his brain waves. Toma and his team decide to head to Planet meat without Bardock to give him more time to heal. Whilst Bardock is healing he has a vision of Planet Vegeta exploding, and of Kakarotto being sent to Earth as well as of Toma's death. The doctors let Bardock out of his tank and explain how Toma and the others have already gone to Planet Meat. After hearing his team have already taken off without him, he gets ready to leave too, passing by the room Kakarotto is in on the way, although is disappointed by his power reading of only 2.

On the Planet Meat Toma and the others have been attacked and left for death by Frieza's men and Dodoria who explains that Frieza has ordered this because he sees the Saiyans as troublesome. Toma can't believe what is happening, despite all the hard work the Saiyans have done for Frieza. Not too far away, Bardock has arrived on the planet and soon finds what has happened to his friends. He manages to find Toma who is still clinging to life, he explains to Bardock what has happened and that Frieza intends to eliminate the Saiyan race entirely. Toma then dies moments later but before Bardock can do anything else, Frieza's men who were responsible for killing Bardock's team arrive to challenge Bardock. However, much to their suprise Bardock is alot stronger than they predicted, Bardock manages to defeat them all, even with more visions going on in his head, this time of Goku's fight with Vegeta on Earth. Dodoria makes himself known and attacks Bardock with a huge energy blast from his mouth. After the dust settles, Dodoria assumes Bardock is dead and heads back to Frieza's ship. Bardock however has survived and realises there is some truth in his visions.

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Back on Planet Vegeta, Kakarotto is being shipped off to Earth. In space just outside of Planet Vegeta, Frieza's ship is closing in. Zarbon informs Dodoria that one of the Saiyans on Meat survived. Frieza however is not overly concerned by this as Bardock is headed to Planet vegeta, which he fully intends to destroy. Bardock passes by Kakarotto's ship on his way back to Planet Vegeta, realising he has been shipped off. He meets two of Frieza's men as he lands on Planet Vegeta who explain to him that his son has been sent to a blue planet, it's then that Bardock realises for real his visions are the future, and that Planet Vegeta is in danger. Bardock is struck with another vision of his son growing up on Earth and his fights with Piccolo, and again, reminded of Planet Vegeta's destruction. He attempts to warn the other Saiyans of what's going to happen and tries to get them together to fight Frieza. But none of the Saiyans believe a word he is saying, realising it's useless Bardock leaves to face Frieza himself when he has another vision. This time of Planet Namek and of Kakarotto as a grown man. Bardock makes it to the top of a building and spots Frieza's ship getting closer. He resolves to challenge Frieza himself and heads straight towards his ship, plowing through Frieza's huge army who are standing in his way. He manages to make it to just outside Frieza's ship where Frieza is waiting. Without hesitation, Frieza forms a giant energy ball, and hurls it straight at Planet Vegeta, regardless of the fact he will be killing hundreds of his men in the process, as well as Bardock. As Bardock is engulfed in the blast, he has one final vision of Kakarotto facing Frieza, he then dies and Planet Vegeta is completely destroyed.

On a far off planet, Vegeta is given the news that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed by a meteor, although he doesn't seem overly concerned. And far off on Earth, Kakarotto has arrived and found by Son Gohan who decides to take the baby in, naming the baby Son Goku...

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