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Bardock is a fictional character from Dragonball Z. He is the biological father of both Raditz and Goku and is a Saiyan warrior from the Planet Vegeta. His appearance was made in the anime special "Bardock - The Father of Goku" and later on again in 2 panels of the manga as well as being mentioned several time in the series.

Bardock is a low-class Saiyan mercenary from a team of five that invaded other planets under King Vegeta's orders. After he and his team (Tora, Fasha, Borgos & Shugesh) finish up conquering the Planet Kanassa, he was struck by a beam from a dying warrior, Tooroo, who decides to give Bardock the ability of precognitive foresight. With this he collapses and during his recovery he sees visions of Planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race perishing at the hands of Frieza. Doctors mention that there seems to be nothing wrong him but, his power-level is around 10,000, rivaling King Vegeta's. Bardock travels to another planet where his team have already begun a mission only to find out that his team have been betrayed by Frieza. Bardock is ambushed by Dodoria's team and left for dead. He manages to get himself to Planet Vegeta to warn the saiyans of his visions of Frieza destroying the planet but no-one listens and instead laugh at him and so he decides to take Frieza on alone. Frieza destroys Bardock along with Planet Vegeta using his Death Ball technique.

In the manga panels Bardock is shown when Raditz comments that Goku looks just like their father and again in a flashback when Frieza thinks Goku looks just like the Saiyan that resisted when he destroyed the Planet Vegeta.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Bardock and his team of Saiyans are busy celebrating a recent successful mission on the planet Kanassa when a surviving Kanassian attacks Bardock, passing onto him the Kanassian ability to have visions of the future. In doing so, he intends for Bardock to be tormented by visions of his own death, just like he has had to endure.

Bardock's team take him back to one of Frieza's planet so he can heal and be examined. The doctor comments that physically Bardock is fine, but his brain waves have become strange. A new mission is given to Bardock's team and they head off without him, leaving him to recover. Whilst in recovery, Bardock has images of his newly born son, Kakarot, crying. Once Bardock is healed he decides to head out after his team, briefly stopping off to take a look at Kakarot who was born today, although is initially disappointed by his poor power level.

Soon, Bardock arrives on the Planet Meat where his team were sent but he discovers that his team had been almost entirely killed. He manages to find Toma, his best friend in the team, still alive. Toma explains to Bardock that the mission was a setup and they were ambushed by some of Frieza's stronger fighters, believing that Frieza is afraid of the Saiyans' growing power. Toma dies by Bardock's side, just as the fighters who killed them arrive. Bardock is enraged by what happened to his team and manages to beat and kill them all. He then heads back to the Planet Vegeta, as he begins to have visions of its destruction at Frieza's hands.

Bardock arrives on the Planet Vegeta and tries to warn his fellow Saiyans that the planet is in danger, but none of them believe him and just carry on about their business even laughing at Bardock. After heading outside, Bardock spots Frieza's fleet is getting closer, and flies up to face them himself. He manages to make his way to Frieza's ship, and Frieza himself goes to face him. However, Frieza is much more powerful then he ever imagines as he creates a huge ball of energy, throwing it straight at Planet Vegeta, as well as straight at Bardock and Frieza's men who he had fought through. Just as Bardock is about to die he has a final vision of Kakarot, seeing that he survives Planet Vegeta's destruction and will eventually be the one who defeats Frieza. Bardock is then killed by Frieza's blast and Planet Vegeta is destroyed.

[edit] Power Level

His power level is believed to be almost 10,000, rivaling that of King Vegeta. It is likely that he is the most powerful lower class Saiyan as he was able to defeat Dodoria's Elite despite the odds against him, being 4 on 1.

He later also acquires the Super Saiyan transformation making his power level dramatically higher as he is able to defeat Chilled Frieza's ancestor.

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