Baby Saga

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[edit] The Baby Saga

Alongside his friends, Pan and Trunks, Goku will struggle against the most formidable evils yet, be they savage beast with the power to crumble mountains, false gods intent on sacrificing those who believe, or cruel manipulators of science who seek to strip the good of all power. The countdown to oblivion has begun... and before the clock strikes eternal midnight, the most incredible menace to ever threaten existence will rise!

-Dragonball GT Season One Box Description

Episodes 16-20 Episodes 21-25 Episodes 26-30 Episodes 31-35 Episodes 36-40
16. A Grand Problem 21. A Secret Revealed 26. Saiyan Hunting 31. Collapse From Within 36. The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!
17. Pan's Gambit 22. The Baby Secret 27. The Attack on Vegeta 32. The Return of Uub 37. Old Kai's Last Stand
18. Unexpected Power 23. Hidden Danger 28. A Worldwide Problem 33. The Tail's Tale 38. Family Bonds
19. A General Uprising 24. Discovering the Truth 29. The Fall of the Saiyans 34. Back in the Game 39. Baby Put To Rest
20. The Source of Rilldo's Power 25. Baby's Arrival 30. The Game After Life 35. Goku's Ascension 40. Piccolo's Decision
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