[edit] Character Description

Baby or Bebi is a fictional character from Dragonball GT.

[edit] Plot involvement

Baby is a member of the Tuffle race, a race that was wiped out long ago in a war with the Saiyan race. He was created by the scientist Dr. Myuu and was partially composed of the Tuffle King's DNA. When he was introduced, Baby immediately started his quest for revenge, attempting to overtake Trunks. This effort was thwarted but he did manage to infect Trunks, by leaving an egg inside of him. Trunks, as well as his allies, Kakarot and Pan were unaware of this, until it was revealed to them on Earth. Baby then continued his quest for revenge, travelling to Earth where he fought, and infected/overtook the bodies of all Saiyan warriors except Kakarot's, as well as the entire Earth's populace. After defeating Goku on Earth, Baby wishes for the original Tuffle homeplanet, Plant, to be restored. After seeing his wish granted, Baby transfers himself, and his new race of Tuffles to their new homeplanet, where he hopes to rebuild the Tuffle empire.

Unbeknowst to Baby however, Goku barely survived their battle on Earth, as Kaioshin, teleported him away from it. On the planet of the Kai's, a plan was made to draw out Goku's real Saiyan powers, by pulling his tail back out. Goku travels to planet Plant to challenge Baby again. But just as he is seemingly about to be defeated again, Kakarot stares at the Earth, which sets of a reaction in his tail, prompting him to transform into a Golden Oozaru, and later Super Saiyan 4. Baby later also acquires the Golden Oozaru transformation due to possessing Vegeta's body, but after a grueling bout with Kakarot, he is killed. Afterwards, he is never again seen.

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