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[edit] Character Description

Babidi is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

Babidi is a sadistic wizard with a wide variety of magical spells, including teleportation, shields, and the power to control absolutely anyone with an evil heart. Babidi arrives on Earth to resurrect the terrifying monster Majin Buu who was created by his father Bibidi. Despite the potential of his spells, Babidi is physically very weak.

[edit] Plot Involvement


Babidi first appears in the Babidi & Majin Buu Sagas seasons of the Dragonball Z series. He arrives on Earth with his body guard, for the time being, Dabura who is the King of the Demons and they work together to begin an evil plan to bringing Earth to a dark demise and destruction. Babidi controls Dabura using his magical mind control powers and he controls many others as well. Two fighters who appear in the World Martial Arts Tournament are under the control of Babidi and have only one purpose for entering the tournament, to collect energy from a powerful fighter.

After Babidi's two mind-controlled minions collected energy they quickly return to the hideout where Babidi set up on Earth to begin his dark plans and release his creation. His creation, yes, Babidi didn't arrive on Earth to simply take it out with his mind-control powers for he wasn't strong enough to attempt a destruction on Earth himself for he needed the help of the ones he was mind-controlling and the creation he planned to release to destroy everything. Once Babidi received the energy that had been collected he quickly gets rids of the two minions he had been mind-controlling for they were no longer of any use to him and they had completed what was left of their life purpose, according to Babidi at least. Now it was just Babidi, his guard Debura, and a few others at the headquarters.

Goku and the Z-Fighters began to figure out that something dark was beginning to start for Earth and they followed the two fighters who had collected energy at the tournament to Babidi's secret headquarters. As they arrive Supreme Kai flies through a cloud of deja vu for he had known such a dark, tricky wizard, Bibidi the father of Babidi a time millions of years ago. He knew exactly what was to come for Earth and what Babidi was planning. Babidi was planning to release Majin Buu into the world for mast destruction. Majin Buu had been faced once before by an ancient relative to the Supreme Kai. Not only had this relative faught Majin Buu but he defeated him just as the universe had almost come to a complete end from the horrible dark destruction that Majin Buu caused.

Supreme Kai would not allow this event to reoccur for he alerted the Z-Fighters of what was to come and of Majin Buu. Babidi sees that he has some visitors and released Dabura on them. Dabura brings an end to one of those apart of the crew showing the Z-Fighters that Babidi's team of minions wont be as easy to destroy as they thought. Dabura also turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone leaving the Z-Fighters in shock and surprise at this new attack, one they have never seen before.

Babidi is done fooling around and wants to continue with his plan to collect enough energy to release Majin Buu from his roundish tomb, the Majin Buu ball. So Babidi calls Dabura back with him into the headquarters and they disappear leaving the Z-Fighters up to a decision, should they follow or leave while they still have their lives?

Of course, the Z-Fighters decide to move in and they follow Babidi into the headquarters only to find themselves in an underground fighting arena. To make it to Babidi and the Majin Buu ball they must fight their way into the final level of the headquarters. After a tricky Babidi takes over the mind of Vegeta creating Majin Vegeta, a fight among two Goku and Vegeta begins. Their fight is filled with so much energy and power that it was enough to crack open the ball of Majin Buu. But before Majin Buu would awake Gohan does all that he can to try and destroy the creation by throwing the ball up and then crushing it to the ground. All of his efforts went to waist for Majin Buu was still released and according to Supreme Kai he was in his complete form.

The fate for Earth and the universe was in the hands of the Z-Fighters new enemy, Majin Buu. Even though he appeared quite unique, cuddly and pink, a complete mystery to the defenders of Earth could they be sure that something so happy and childish would choose to destroy the Earth? Majin Buu becomes hungry and turns Dabura, the almighty King of the Demons, into a yummy snack and eats him showing the Z-Fighters what they have truly encountered as a force of evil. Babidi now has a new guard his father's creation Majin Buu whom he decides to control and boss around.

But this bossing around doesn't last for after Majin Buu's fight with Goku, Buu destroys Babidi for good allowing himself to fly around the Earth free to do what he chooses.

Babidi wasn't seen on Earth or in Dragonball Z until some of the final episodes of the series. During the final fights against Majin Buu, Babidi was seen again in the Other World with a different plan in mind, he wanted his creation to be destroyed. Who could blame him though, his own power had destroyed him so choosing for that power to be destroyed as well would be only expected.

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