Ascended Super Saiyan

Ascended Super Saiyan Vegeta

When Vegeta suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Androids, it became apparent that the Super Saiyan form had a limit. After the defeat, Vegeta was intent on moving beyond the Super Saiyan. Wondering what his father was talking about, Trunks decided to go and find out for himself as well. Upon recovery, Goku made the same plans, taking his son Gohan with him, claiming he could be a huge help, dispatching of the surfacing threats. After a brief meeting with his friends, Goku decided that the Room of Spirit and Time would be the ideal way to accomplish the feat, despite nobody ever having lasted in there longer than a month. In this room, one can gain a year's worth of training, while on the outside world, only a day passes.

Upon convincing Vegeta to train together with his son Trunks, the duo entered the chamber, and emerged a year later, both having received tremendous power increases. Vegeta was the first to showcase his new found strength, as even the now Semi-Perfect Cell, was completely overwhelmed by Vegeta's new level of strength. When Cell played in on Vegeta's cockiness, Vegeta allowed Cell to absorb Android 18, in order to present him with a better challenge. Trunks, despite trying valiantly, was unable to prevent the absorption, and Cell obtained perfection. Vegeta was soon defeated, and after getting knocked out, Trunks took over the fight. He showed even more brute strength than his father, but soon, the form's major weakness came to the forefront. Due to having gained so much power and muscle mass, Trunks' speed decreased severely to the point where Cell, with a power disadvantage, easily defeated Trunks.

Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan had begun their training session. Goku obtained the same power as Trunks, but he realized what Trunks failed to realize, the decent of speed. As a solution, Goku decided that a regular Super Saiyan had a far better natural balance between power and speed. Subsequently, the duo began a process in which they would learn to get used to the Super Saiyan form in their daily lives. The results were overwhelming. Goku and Gohan experienced massive power increases, even stonger than Vegeta's and Trunks', they gained speed rather then drop it, and they were also much more effective in combat. Due to getting used to the Super Saiyan form, the drain is usually brings forth was minimized, allowing the Saiyan to fight much more effectively, for longer periods of time.

In the anime and manga, the forms are given no official names. It wasn't until the Daizenshuu's were written that names were given. Three stages were defined:

  • Super Saiyan Stage 2 (Sūpā Saiyajin Dai Ni Dankai)
  • Super Saiyan Stage 3 (Sūpā Saiyajin Dai San Dankai)
  • Super Saiyan Full Power (Sūpā Saiyajin Furu Pawā)

[edit] Abilities

In this form, the user has more ki though through the result of increasing muscle mass. With this increase, they are able to produce much more powerful attacks but the consequences remains that with their bulky muscles they cannot produce the attack as fast.

[edit] Characteristics

Super Saiyan 2nd and 3rd grade are mainly characterized by their bulky muscle mass. The basic characteristics of the Super Saiyan transformation are maintained. The hair slightly change in style, as it becomes even more upright than it already was.

[edit] Characters that used this transformation:

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