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Android 17


[edit] Character Description

Android 17 is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Main Plot Summary

He was originally a human, but was cybernetically altered into a cyborg by Dr. Gero. He is also the twin brother of Android 18. He was programmed by Dr. Gero to kill Goku, who in the past wiped out the Red Ribbon Army. Eventually, 17 winds up being absorbed by one of Gero's other creations, Cell. After Cell self-destructed on King Kai's planet, 17 was killed in the explosion, but after Cell's defeat, a wish was made to restore all of Cell's victims back to life, which included 17. He is once again seen during the climax of the battle with Majin Buu, where he is seen donating energy to the Spirit Bomb. He makes another appearance in Dragonball GT, where he merges with another 17, created in hell by a joined effort of scientist Dr. Gero and Dr.Myuu. The result of this merger is a very powerful warrior, Super Android 17, who is ultimately killed by Goku.

17 also appears in an alternate timeline. In that timeline, he and 18 wreak havoc, kill most of the Earth's populace and most of the Z-fighters as well, except Trunks, who later kills him.

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[edit] Dragonball Z

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Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

Android 17 is woken up, along with his sister 18, by Dr Gero when he runs into trouble from being chased by Vegeta, Piccolo and the others. Shortly after being woken up and told to attack them by Dr Gero, Android 17 instead attacks and kills Dr Gero, incase he ever gets the idea to shut them down again. The two of then decide to activate Android 16 and head off after Goku, who they were designed to kill. While they are travelling around, Vegeta catches up with them and demands a fight, enraged that they ignored him earlier. 17 tells 16 to fight him but he simply refuses, so 18 decides to instead. As Piccolo and the others arrive, 17 warns them not to interfere with Vegeta and 18's fight, or else he will become involved as well.

For the most part they respect 17's warning, until Vegeta's arm is broken by #18 and Trunks steps in to help. 17 reacts and is easily able to knock Trunks, and Piccolo and Tien, down in one hit. As #18 finishes with Vegeta she rejoins 17 and 16 and the three of them head off once again in search of Goku's house. Once they finally reach Goku's house they find it deserted, but 16 muses that Goku is most likely with his friends, either at the Capsule Corp or at Master Roshi's house. As Master Roshi's is nearer, the three of them head there first.

They arrive, but Goku is not there either. However they do find Piccolo amongst the others there who they threaten to kill unless they tell them where Goku is. Piccolo obviously refuses and takes the Androids away from the house so they can fight. 17 steps up to fight Piccolo this time, the two of them fight intensely and seem evenly matched, but before a winner can be decided they are interupted by Cell, who has the intention of absorbing both 17 and 18. Despite the combined efforts of Piccolo, 17 and even 16, they are unable to prevent 17 from being absorbed.

Majin Buu & Kid Buu Sagas

Android 17 makes a brief appearance in this Saga. After the defeat of Cell and the wish was made for everyone killed by Cell to be brought back to life, 17 was also restored to life with that wish. When Goku makes the plea to everyone on Earth to give their energy, 17 realises he recognises his voice and offers up his energy to contribute to the Spirit Bomb.

[edit] Dragonball GT

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Super 17 Saga

Android 17 makes another appearance when down in Hell, Dr Gero and Dr Myuu team up and create a new Android 17. This Android 17 resonates his energy to the one on Earth, causing him to come under their control. He comes across his sister, Android 18, who is with Krillin and Marron trying to leave the city and asks her to rejoin him as his partner. Android 18 obviously rejects and can't understand why 17 would want to join up with Dr Gero again as he hated him so much. This seems to get through to 17 and it looks like he is coming to his senses when the 17 in Hell communicates with him again and assumes the control. He kills Krillin and threatens Marron's life as well, forcing #18 to intervene and fend him off. 17 seems stronger than 18 and is able to knock her out, before flying off in search of the other 17.

He comes across the 17 from Hell fighting against Vegeta, they two Androids combine into one, making Super 17. This new android is much stronger and easily is able to take out Gohan, Goten and Trunks who joined the fight earlier, leaving just Vegeta to deal with him. Even Vegeta struggles against the Android, just as he is about to kill Vegeta, Pan and Giru appear and threaten Dr Myuu's life, forcing Super 17 to stop what he is doing. However, Super 17 then turns on Dr Gero and kills him, having been loyal to Dr Myuu all along. He turns on Vegeta again, the blast that Super 17 used on Dr Gero having disabled both Pan and Giru, but Vegeta is on his feet again, fired up by a comment that there is nothing for Super 17 to fear as Goku is trapped in Hell. But before Vegeta can do anything, Goku arrives and knocks him out of the way, having just escaped from Hell. Foolishly, Goku attacks the android using ki based attacks, which Super 17 absorbs and uses to power himself further. Which Super 17's power increased, Goku powers up to SSJ4 but even this isn't enough to stop the android as Goku is still using Ki based attacks, by the time Goku realises his mistake, Super 17 goes on the offensive. Goku attempts to then release all his energy at once and destroy Super 17, in a similar way to how Vegeta sacrificed his life against Majin Buu, but it is no use, Super 17 placed a barrier around himself. With Goku's energy almost completely used up, Super 17 goes in for the kill, but before he is able to, Android 18 makes an appearance and threatens to destroy herself with the bomb Dr Gero placed within herself, knowing that 17 isn't aware that the bomb was removed by Shenlong years ago. She dares 17 to attack, saying the explosion would destroy them both, but Super 17 turns on Dr Myuu for calling him cowardly. It's then that 18 attacks Super 17 to keep him occupied while Goku goes in for the kill, destroying him with a combination of the Dragon Fist and a Kamehameha, destroying him for good. After both Goku and 18 recover, 18 tries to understand her brothers actions. Goku tells her that her brother, the original 17, was trying to help them from inside the Super 17 body. Assuring 18 that the brother she knew was not the one who committed the awful deeds. And she looks to the sky thinking of him and Krillin.

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