A Hero's Legacy

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[edit] A Hero's Legacy

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Japanese name: Goku's Side Story! Si Xing Qiu is the Testament of Courage

It's been 100 years since the defeat of Baby, everyone from that time has since passed on, except for Pan. Pan is busy training her young grandson, Goku Jr, who despite having a likeness to Goku, doesn't seem very skilled.

It's a new day, and Goku is at school, on his way out, Goku is picked on by Puck, a bully at the school. Despite how much they provoke him, he doesn't fight back. When Goku comes home and tells Pan what happens she can't believe he just let them get away with it. Just then, Pan falls ill and has to be taken to hospital. Pan tells Goku he is a special child just like Goku was, but lacks the courage he had. Upset by Pan's worsening condition, Goku runs away back home. It's then that Goku remembers Pan telling him about the Dragon Ball and how it can grant a wish.

Goku heads off on his own towards Mount Paozu to find the Dragon Ball to save Pan. On his way he runs into the bullies again who laugh at him for going there, as they say a monster lives there. He travels on, taking a break alongside a motorway. A truck driver stops alongside him and agrees to give him a lift. Part the way, Goku steps out to take a leak, at which point, the truck driver takes all Goku's food and belongings and leaves him by the side of the road.

Goku keeps on going and runs into Puck again, who says he wants to go with him to Mount Paozu, saying it's more interesting that going to school. Puck then robs the store they are sitting outside of and the two of them head off. Soon, they see Mount Paozu in sight, so they stop for the night as it's getting dark. Goku explains why he is heading to Mount Paozu to Puck, at that moment, they are surrounded by a pack of wolves. Puck tries to fend them off with some of the fire from their camp fire as Goku makes a run for it. Just then, a woman comes by to help them, by scaring them off with a gun, Goku however is stuck up a tree with no idea how he got there.

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The woman takes Goku and Puck back to her house to eat, but as she leaves them to it, it turns out she is a monster called Mamba. As the two kids head to bed, Mamba comes to kill them, but finds they have already left, suspicious of how nice she was to them. They both try to escape the house but fall into a trap into the basement. She manages to get a hold of Goku, with the intention of eating them both, but just as she is about to kill him, he fires a small ki ball before passing out briefly. Puck and Goku make a run for it and manage to escape. The come to a bridge, which Goku is unsure about crossing as it looks unsafe. Puck crosses first, then Goku makes his way across. Goku gets stuck half way as the wind causes the bridge to start to collapse. As Goku hangs over the side, Puck comes back to him to help him up. Goku is too scared to let go of the bridge to be pulled up, when the bridge collapses completely, sending Puck to fall down into the revine. Goku manages to climb to safety, but he is saddened that Puck died trying to save him.

Goku carries on towards Mount Paozu alone, when he runs into a monster chasing a bear cub. Goku runs away as he's scared, but he tells himself he has to have courage and turns back around to help the bear cub. Just as the monster is about to eat the cub, Goku hits him on the head with a branch. The monster attacks Goku, and this time, Goku's power unleashes and sends the monster flying off. Now that they are safe, Goku patches up the bear cub's wound, and tells him he's looking for the Dragon Ball. Soon after, the bear cub's mother finds them and helps Goku to where the Dragon Ball is.

Soon, Goku's old house at Mount Paozu comes into view, but Mamba, the monster from earlier, and a third monster are blocking his way. The three of them chase afetr Goku and the two bears, until they are confronted by a new monster called Yaomo, who claims to be the lord of the mountain. The other three monsters don't get in his way as he attacks Goku, the mother bear from earlier tries to help, but gets badly hurt, leaving the cub and Goku to run for their lives. Just as Yaomo is about to kill the bear and the cub, Goku's anger and power erupts and he transforms into a Super Saiyan. With his new strength and courage, Goku manages to defeat Yaomo effortlessly, then passing out.

As he comes around he sees that the two bears are saved, not remembering what had happened. Goku heads over to his ancestors house and soon finds the 4-star Dragon Ball. He heads outside with it and asks the Dragon Ball to heal Pan's illness, and to save Puck. Of course, nothing happens and he can't understand why. He throws the Dragon Ball, and at that moment, Goku's spirit appears and tells Goku Jr that he's supposed to have seven Dragon Balls, not just one. Goku tells Goku Jr he has gotten alot stronger, and just then, a plane flies overhead with Pan and Puck inside. Goku disappears and tells Goku Jr that it wasn't the Dragon Ball that granted his wish, it was his own courage. Goku Jr reunites with Pan and Puck, taking the Dragon Ball with him as a momento of his Grandpa Goku.

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