Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game (GBA)

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Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game
DBZ Collectible Card Game 01.jpg

North American Box Art

Developer Screaming Games
Publisher Infogames
Platform GBA
Release Date(s) (North America) May 28, 2002
Genre Tactical (GBA)
Rating (E) Everyone
Back Box Cover Art DBZ Collectible Card Game 02.jpg

[edit] Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game Summary

Deal! Draw! Conquer! Based on the Collectible Card Game from the Score Entertainment. The Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game allows players to utilize a ladder fighting system to defeat opponents and finally - Cell himself! Players "unlock" new characters as they use strategies and powers to save the Universe from complete and utter destruction!

-Back Box Cover Description

[edit] Features

  • Create multiple, custom decks with over 300 cards from the Saiyan,Frieza,Trunks,and Androids sagas.
  • Trade cards with other players and play your favorite characters against your friends or the system!
  • Unlock special attacks, blocks, and non-combat cards found only on the gameboy advance.
  • Master multiple Tokui-Waza combat styles!

-Back Box Cover Description

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