DBZ Episode 31 - Saiyan Sized Secret

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[edit] Episode 31 - Saiyan Sized Secret

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Japanese Name: Now, Goku! A Final Technique with Everything on the Line

Goku, powered up to Kaio Ken x 3 despite the huge risk to his body, launches his attack against Vegeta. This time it's Goku winning between the two of them, the two of them fight fiercely but not for very long. Before long Goku starts to feel the effects of the powerup taking their toll on his body. Vegeta meanwhile is enraged that someone like Goku could possibly cause him to bleed, in his rage he decides to destroy the entire planet rather than fight Goku. Vegeta jumps high into the sky and powers up to destroy the Earth. Despite the strain on his body, Goku powers up to Kaio Ken x 3 again and gets ready to counter Vegeta's Gyallic Ho with a Kamehameha. The two beams collide, but neither can overpower the other - until Goku powers up again to a Kaio Ken x 4. The force of the Kamehameha pushes through the Gyallic Ho and engulfs Vegeta, sending him into the sky. Thinking it's safe, Yajirobe comes out of hiding and congratulates Goku on beating Vegeta, but Goku is pretty sure that Vegeta isn't finished with yet. Hearing this, Yajirobe runs off again and leaves the situation to Goku. High in the sky, Vegeta escapes the Kamehameha, becoming enraged again at the situation. He decides he will have to transform into an giant ape, so goes off to look for the moon. Kaio-sama laughs to himself from the safety of his planet as he knows that Piccolo destroyed the moon a long time ago. Back on the ground Goku wonders what Vegeta is looking for up in the sky. It doesn't take too long for Vegeta to realise the moon isn't in the sky at all, so he returns to Goku. He boasts to Goku about the transformation that Saiyans undergo during Full Moonlight, but goes on to say that a few select Saiyans are able to manipulate an energy ball to the same effect. Goku doesn't understand the energy ball's purpose, until he sees Vegeta transform into a giant ape.

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